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In Awka, Chapel of Redemption marks Palm Sunday in grand style



IT WAS a glorious and joyful moment at Chapel of Redemption, NnamdiAzikiwe University, Awka marks the 2021 Palm Sunday in grand style.

  Conducted by Rev’d Lucky Onebunne, the service which was marked with Holy Communion, saw the congregation joyfully and gloriously waving their palm fronds to the euphonious tune of “Hosanna”.

  Earlier in a sermon, the Chaplain, Chapel of Redemption, UNIZIK Temp. Site, Venerable Obiorah Alokwu, who dwelled on the topic “The Lord Needs You”, charged the Christians to avail themselves and all they have for the Lord’s usage.

  Quoting Matthew 21: 1—13, he acknowledged that although Jesus had been going to Jerusalem in the past, he went in a special way even though he knew he was going there to die for the redemption of mankind.

  Using Abu 35 to elaborate more on the type of death Christ died, Ven. Alokwu said, “Jesus gave Himself as a ransom; he used His life to pay for our sins. We were the ones who ought to die, but instead of us to die, He gave His life in exchange. And today, Christ is also asking us to give Him something back as an appreciation for what he did for us.”

  Further, he said, “Christ came, performed His own mission and left, trusting it into our own hand, to continue the ministry from where he stopped, by giving him our time, talent and treasure.

  “Therefore brethren,  Jesus is reminding us today that he needs our time, talent and treasure to take up this mission from where he stopped.”

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  In an interview on the significance of Palm Sunday, a veteran Nollywood Actor and Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Creative Media, Mr. Bob-Manuel Udokwu said that Palm Sunday marked the victory of those who believe in Christ over the negative forces of the world.

  He said, “Christ’s entry into Jerusalem was marked by royalty, mixed up with humility; humility in the sense that he could have chosen to ride on a horse or chariot, which depicts royalty; but he rather chose to ride on a colt, despite his royal status.”

  He advised everyone to use this period of holy week to reflect on their past lives and ask God for forgiveness and grace to make amendd and live the life that pleases Him.

  On her own part, the wife of the Chaplain, Nneora Stella Alokwu said that Palm Sunday marked the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem, and thus advised everyone to accept, enthrone and make Christ the king in their lives, to be partakers of his victory.

  Among other side attractions, the service featured special rendition by the choir, thanksgiving and melodious praises by the Redemption Band, who tuned the congregation into glorious ecstasy, with their laudable performances.

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