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MFM pastor dedicates first child



THE pastor in charge of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry [MFM], Araba Branch, Awka, Chidozie Agubalu has dedicated his first child named Elaijah Perfect Chibuzo Agubalu.

 Pastor Agubalu, who is a staff of Anambra State Ministry of Health was full of joy as he recalled the mild drama at the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Awka, where the medical doctor declared that his wife, Salome, would undergo a caesarian operation, even as one other pregnant woman had been booked for caesarian operation.

 According to the pastor, he silently prayed that the Almighty God who saw his wife through the gestation period would fulfill His Word for His children to deliver like the Biblical Hebrew women.  As the preparation for the operation reached the final stage, his wife began to display signs of normal delivery and she delivered without operation; and as one would say, the answered prayer of the pastor was extended to the other woman and she equally delivered without a caesarian operation.

 The presiding clergy, Pastor Chigozie Ugoezue commended Pastor Chidozie for his faithfulness in the Lord’s vine yard, adding that God Has never failed to honour the prayers of His dedicated servants.

 He said that dedication of new born children has been a practice even in the pagan world but the difference is that a child dedicated to the alter of God will be protected from being a tool of the arch enemy of man, the devil.

 His words: “God will always protect a child’s destiny from being vandalised by devil and his cohorts because the threefold aims of the devil is to destroy, to steal, and to kill”.

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