Need to clear drainage before the rains come


IN EITHER days or weeks, the rains will return but our sewage are blocked,  unfit for the deluge of flood expected as they are filled with filth. The state of sewage in some communities requires urgent attention if the focus is on controlling flood and improving  health of citizens .

  GONE are the days when Anambra State was always described as very filthy and dirt-ridden by visitors, especially those who visited such cities  as Onitsha,  the commercial hub of the South-East, which hitherto constituted major reference point for filth accumulation. The city  has since transformed to a decent metropolitan area.

  FROM the massive ducts of refuse along the Nwangene, Creek Road areas of the town to Umuzike Street in Awada, a new city sewage evacuation duct has emerged with well channeled drainage that find their way safely into the river bed.

  THE current environmental state of Onitsha reflects the overall improved hygiene across urban and sub-urban areas in Anambra to the delight of all who place value on healthy living.

  SURPRISINGLY, either by oversight or default, some drainage are clogged showing signs of return to the old dirty path with piles of refuse emerging on the streets..

 WITHIN Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area alone, one could count a number of portions of the drainage nearly covered by filth; reminding one of the old era of mosquitoes and rodents..

  THIS is against obvious presence of well constructed drainage meant to ease water flow and rid the environs of disease-bearing  ducts that threaten society’s safety.

  EXPECTEDLY, flood which has been a major environmental challenge witnessed in the state appears inevitable should the rains come soon.

  APART from the stack sewer exposing residents to poor hygienic conditions that can lead to outbreak of diseases, rodents and reptiles such as rats, snakes, spiders, cockroaches, houseflies among others come from these dangerously. Indeed, the odious potentials are many and dire but what  is very important now is to tackle the major cause of the situation. The  primary source  of the refuse that fill up the drainage are homes, shops and workplaces that do not dispose their wastes properly.

Survey reveals that residents play big part in the environmental abuse that encourages overflowing of the sewage with filth. This was initially a  rare act of very dirty and careless members of society but it now appears to have become normal. Citizens go out of their way to empty their refuse into the sewage.

Perhaps, what could have stood for a passing act has  become a culture that  those who engage in continue  because they have not been effectively checked.

  THEY block the drain and when the rains come, they force their way through because flood will always find its way where the society fails to provide a safe passage for it..

  IN STATES like Anambra and its environs, erosion is a huge challenge. Flooding is a major cause of erosion. This makes it important for authorities and relevant government agencies to pay keen attention to any development that can cause erosion no matter how inconsequential it may initially seem. Blocked water-ways is a  major cause of flood and flooding is a vital precursor for gully erosion. Anambra occupies an odd position as one of the worst-hit areas by gully erosion. 

   OFTEN, erosion sites giving the state tough challenge began through obstruction of small water flows. These turn into gully erosion with the passage of time.

  THEREFORE,  grassroots campaigns should be carried out regularly to sensitise the populace on the need to stop  the act of  blocking the ducts  with refuse generated within. Punitive measures must be put in place and strictly enforced to discourage such tendencies.

  IT IS expected that the agencies responsible for evacuating wastes should place receptacles on strategic locations to ensure a stress-free refuse disposal system for the populace. Where citizens’ are not amenable to the desired change of attitude for cleaner and better environment, the channels should be covered with slabs.

  AGAIN, since the filling of the sewage has been often linked to poor hygiene culture of some elements in the society, property owners should be made to account for the defaults of their tenants.  This will intensify neighbourhood surveillance as no compound will want to pay unnecessary fine for failing to keep their drainage clean.

  WHILE expectations of the return of the rains are high now, relevant agencies should use the little time remaining to clear the sewage and water ducts before the floods come.

  NATIONAL Light believes strongly that a healthy society is a wealthy one. Therefore, the sewage provided with hard earned resources of tax payers should not be allowed to become primary source of public health risks.


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