Buhari, Obiano, others honour fallen heroes


THE sacrifices of the fallen heroes are celebrated.

  “It is a very special day. It is day made special by its solemnity and the power of remembrance.

  Fellow compatriots, life itself is an amazing flow of moods and moments stitched together in memory. Without memory, life becomes empty of meaning and substance.”

  Continuing, ” from generation to generation, memory has served mankind so well. It has guided us through some of history’s brightest and darkest periods. It has led us safely away from avoidable errors. And it has helped us to take ownership of our tragedies and triumphs.

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  It is often said that a nation’s greatness is measured by the strength of its Armed Forces. Half of Nigeria’s national memory is embedded in the Nigerian Armed Forces. Our Armed Forces carry the weight of Nigeria’s struggle for greatness, our quest for unity, as well as our big brother role in African. No national institution has worked harder for Nigeria’s unity and stability than our Armed Forces.

  Therefore, as we commemorate the great sacrifices of our Armed Forces today, we celebrate the power and glory of Nigeria. We celebrate the bravery of our officers and men who gave lives and limbs for the good of Nigeria. We pay homage to great men and women whose gallantry ensured that the numerous fires that we had willfully ignited with our own hands did not consume us.” Part of the governor’s speech read.


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