Trump impeached


… US Congress votes 232 – 197 to impeach President Trump
… Trump makes history as first President, impeached twice

PRESIDENT of United States, Donald Trump was yesterday impeached by the House of Representatives over his role in inciting the deadly insurrection on the US Capitol last week.

  433congressmen took part in the impeachment voting exercise which was presided over by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 232 Reps voted for the impeachment. The ‘Yea’ voters comprised 10 members of President Trump’s Republican Party who voted for the impeachment along with Democrats. There were 197Republicans who voted ‘Nay’ while four abstained.

  The impeachment charges will now move to a trial in the Senate, but it is unclear how the trial will proceed or whether it will commence before Trump leaves office on January 20 and Joe Biden is sworn in.

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 17 Republicans would have to break ranks for the impeachment to be successful.

Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell said he had not made final decision on how he would vote but has previously said he was open to voting for impeachment.

  Trump’s second impeachment was blamed on his  supporters’ invasion of Capitol last week trying to prevent the election victory of Joe Biden being formally certified as the winner of November’s election after the president urged supporters to “fight much harder” for an election victory and to march on the US Capitol.

  Four people died during last week’s insurrection, including police.

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  Due to the violence, large numbers of National Guard troops have been stationed around Washington DC and inside federal buildings ahead of Inauguration Day.

  Although two-third majority of the 100 senators would be needed to convict the president on the charges and remove him from office, Trump will go down in history as the first president of United States to be impeached for a second time during their time in office, because he was previously impeached in 2019 over dealings with Ukraine but was acquitted by the Senate last year.

  Speaking after the impeachment vote, US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi said no one was above the law.

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  “Today in a bipartisan way the House demonstrated that no one is above the law, not even the president of the United States,” she said at a ceremony at which she signed the article of impeachment.

  According to experts, the constitution requires that the chief judge of United States will sit in the Senate during the impeachment of a president.


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