Anambra workers to get December salaries on or before Christmas – HOS


THE Head of Service of the Anambra State Civil Service, Harry Uduh has said that in spite of the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy and the recent recessionary trend in the country, Governor Willie Obiano still pays workers’ salaries on the 25th of every month undaunted.

 Uduh said how the governor met his responsibilities for civil servants in spite of the economic downturn, remained a mystery because the governor has remained steadfast and consistent in the payment of workers’ salaries.

  The Head of Service, who told our reporter that the state civil service is currently taking delivery of the annual Christmas Rice for workers, explained that the governor would address the state workforce today to rekindle their hopes and aspirations again.

He assured that apart from salaries, workers will also get their leave allowances and their December salaries would be paid on 25th so they can celebrate Christmas with all the joy and splendor the season brings.

  According to Uduh, civil servants don’t engage in politics but throw their weight behind people who put smiles on their faces, noting that Governor Willie Obiano has not failed workers since his inception into office.

  He said workers would continue to enjoy all they have been enjoying since the governor came on board in spite of the COVID-19 palaver and #EndSARS menace as government plans towards more improved welfare packages for the state civil servants


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