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Productive Things to Do While Social Distancing



 Organize your notes

This might not be the most thrilling way to pass the time, but now you’re not downing pints at the Student Union bar, you can finally organize all those loose bits of reading material and lecture notes floating around your room.

 Start a reading challenge

  If you’re the sort of person who thrives off set goals, a reading challenge is a great way to up your literary intake. Goodreads allows you to set and track a reading target for the year, and you can connect with like-minded book fans for recommendations.

Read something completely unrelated to your subject

  Studying biology? Try a history book. English literature student? Why not give a psychology textbook a whirl? This is a perfect time to expand your horizons.

 Start an online book club

  Combine reading with socialising by starting an online book club with your friends. Pick a book, pick a length of time to read it in, then discuss over video call with a glass of wine and feel all cultured.

Reading not your thing? Try an audiobook

  Audible are offering hundreds of titles completely free of charge, from Jane Eyre to Winnie the Pooh. Simply sign in with your Amazon account to get started.

 Join an online choir

  In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, online choirs like The Sofa Singers have been created to foster a sense of connection between people and to relieve anxiety (you can find out more about them here). Even if you’re a terrible singer, it’s hard to feel stressed when you’re blasting out Whitney Houston at top volume.

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 Do an at-home workout

   Even if, like me, you think exercising is the worst, it’s vital to keep your body moving, particularly if you’re unable to leave the house. There are online workout tutorials for all levels on YouTube, and if you’re already a gym bunny, it’s worth checking to see if your gym is offering online classes for members.

Learn a craft

  There are countless crafts you can turn your hand to, helping to soothe your mind while also (hopefully) producing something beautiful.

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