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Nigeria vs Sierra Leone: We want to beat Sierra Leone home and away – Chukwueze



VILLARREAL’S striker Chukwueze has said that the team plans to win Sierra Leone both home and away to secure early win. In an interview he said, It’s a very important game for us as a team and the Federation also. If we win the two games home and away, we will have qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations.

  The next two games remaining, I think we can enjoy ourselves with it and have more confidence to play in the World Cup qualifiers. But I think this game is very important for us as a country because Nigerians love football and we need to make them happy. In this kind of situation, with the recent youth issues we have to win to make everybody happy about the country. I think it is the perfect time to play this game and win for our people.

  Reacting to playing in an empty stadium he said, I think it’s going to be like, crazy, you know. Playing without the fans and for the love of your country, not having anybody to cheer you up, I think it’s going to be difficult. But we are going to try our best and play. But without the fans, the music and everything it will be difficult. But the most important thing is for us to win.

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