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Mayweather dims prospects of big money McGregor, Pacquiao bouts



FLOYD Mayweather has told Conor McGregor he won’t make the same money from a potential Manny Pacquiao fight as he did when they met in 2017.

  The American boxing legend had his final bout against the UFC star three years ago and beat him to retire at 50-0.

  Floyd stopped Conor in round ten of their 2017 bout.

  Mayweather came away from the event with upwards of $300million while McGregor was reported to have made over $100million from his professional boxing debut.

  Now, there is talk that Conor will have another fight inside the squared circle.

  Late last month, McGregor posted screenshots of his messages to UFC president Dana White, where he showed that he tried to arrange a return to MMA but talks fizzled out earlier this year.

  Then, in a parting bombshell, McGregor tweeted: “Anyway all water under the bridge who gives a fook. I’m boxing Manny Pacquiao next in the Middle East.” Mayweather and Pacquiao also both made nine figures when they fought in 2015

  A statement on Pacquiao’s behalf responded: “For the sake of all the Filipino COVID-19 victims, Senator Manny Pacquiao will be fighting UFC superstar Conor McGregor next year.

  “The huge portion of his earnings will proceed to those who are affected nationwide by the pandemic.”

  As things stand, it appears more likely that McGregor will first return to the Octagon to rematch Dustin Poirier.

  Regardless, Mayweather was asked about the reports and gave his reaction.

  Mayweather worked alongside Dana White during the McGregor promotion. “He’s not going to get the money he got with me if he go with Pacquiaio,” Mayweather told USA Today, “It’s not going to be as big.

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  “You know, it gets no bigger than Floyd Mayweather.”

  Mayweather was also quizzed on his plans to work with UFC president, Dana White in the near future.

  He said: “Me and Dana talk. I wouldn’t say always, but we’ll text and talk on the phone every once in a while.

  “Dana’s a cool guy, he’s a great guy. And he’s doing a helluva job with the UFC and I’m proud of him.

  “We look forward to working with each other in the future. Are we going to work? Absolutely.”

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