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Black Lives Matter Protest: Which way Africa?



THE issues of racism and discrimination towards blacks is tantamount to ” the white supremacy ” ideology , which dates back to when man realised the reflection of the two distinct colours ( black and white) on their skin .

Throughout the history of mankind, blacks have always been despised because of their skin colour.

Meanwhile, I personally believe that the present day racism is not based on skin colour, but the monarchy of underdevelopment in the whole of black Africa.

Racism towards blacks in the past ranged from slave trade , colonisation to the complete demonisation of the African culture and tradition .

There is no doubt that these racist acts vividly show that the white man sees a black man as being a lesser creature .

I do not intend to dive into the history of the terrible racist acts of whites towards blacks in the past to avoid stirring up in the soul of a black man, the emotion of bitterness. The terrible history of subjugation towards blacks is really an abomination before nature and men . But this is in the past and we can’t teleport ourselves to the past and change things just like in marvel movie industry’s fictions.

The present ‘Black Lives Matter Protest’ emerged as an aftermath of the police brutality towards blacks in America. This was after the video of the black man named George Floyd had gone viral. George was killed by a police man who placed his knee on his neck. Everyone who watched the video reacted in bewilderment and grief after seeing a grown up man crying for his life like a baby.

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This was not the first of police brutality towards blacks in different parts of the world and in America, especially. The” black lives matter” protest all over the world amid the coronavirus pandemic is an interesting but misguided cry for a Black revolution.

Putting sentiments aside as I am also a black boy, i don’t personally think that blacks deserve to be respected in the countries that they have “run” to. The reason why modern racism against blacks persists is because of the terrible mess that Africa is in and the situation of most blacks.

Besides, blacks are not the only race or colour in Europe and America. Blacks are not the only race that was colonized by the Europeans.

 There are Asians in America for instance, and a curious mind may wonder why such level of discrimination is not done against them.

Collectively, Africa is down and underdeveloped and the world sees all blacks as the same. Yes, there may be individual and exceptional great feats that may help a black man escape the curse of racism at a personal level. Who would practice racism towards Barack Obama, Dr Ben Carson , Mohammed Ali or any other great black athlete all over the world ?

How will a white man respect blacks when they know that most blacks living in their lands were sold out by their fellow blacks as slaves centuries ago? Why will they respect a black man when they know that most black people living in their lands are running away from their own homes just to survive abroad, due to the stench of poverty and corruption in Africa? They know that most black people living in their lands are there to survive and not to “live”. Some smuggle themselves into Europe through the deserts. They are jobless in these countries that they run to. Some roam the streets dealing on drugs and carrying out illegal activities. Do they really deserve respect in another man’s land?

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Africa itself needs to be developed to overcome racism. Racism won’t just stop by protesting on the streets of America. I will use Nigeria as a reference, because it is the country I live in, and I know the issues on ground to an extent.

Nigeria was amalgamated and created by the British Government in 1914. Do we expect a young British student receiving a lecture on history about the British colonisation of Nigeria in Oxford University for instance, to respect his course mate who is a Nigerian at the end of this lecture?

Why should a white man respect his own creation when he sees a black man walking along his own street in his land? This clearly shows that there is need for destruction of institutions of colonisation before fighting racism in the modern times.

Moving back to the issue of “The Black Lives Matter” protest how is the life of a black man in America more valuable than that of a black man in Africa?

Africans die in thousands inside Africa because of poverty, malnutrition, bad governance, only to mention but a few. Does it mean that black lives matter only outside Africa?

I believe that the strength of blacks in Europe or America depends on the strength of Africa as a continent. Africa should awake and shake off the shackles of white colonisation in the continent.

I draw the curtain with this reflective question; Which Way Africa?

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