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Singing this since yesterday



THE learning curve has been very steep
Filled with feelings running deep
Ah, I have made a giant leap
Doing things I could never upkeep

I get up, dresss up,
Show up, buckle up,
COVID-19, you made me all stirred up
In return I smugly chin up
Resilience has meant never more
As much as COVID-19 has brought to the fore
I pick up, dust off and rejoice in galore
That I have arrived forever more

Once a teacher, always a teacher
So what if I’m now a faceless moniker
A happy hatter, with lots of banter
Online or face-to-face it doesn’t matter
Learn, unlearn, relearn, maketh a noble character
Oh come on, let’s sing anyway
We are the World, let’s heal the world every day
I’ve been singing this since yesterday
Ok Madam, let’s sing and have it your way
All sing, no one hears anyone anyway
Yup, it’s a virtual class, and it’s only May

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