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New yam fiesta in Ubuluisiuzo: ANPC CEO, Nnabuife donates football trophy



IT WAS a season of jubilation as Ubuluisuzor marks her New Yam Festival with a football match.

  The event took place in Community High School, Ubuluisiuzor and attracted crowds of different ages and genders.

The football match started at 5pm but ended in a goalless draw, which later led to a penalty shootout which was won by Team C, which had the youngest squad in the tournament. The result of the penalty shootout finals between Team C and Team B is 4-2, With Team C winning the trophy. Team A came third place.

Sir Chuka Nnabuife, MD/CEO Of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), an indigene of the community, sponsor of the match and the trophy donor was happy about the match.

 He congratulated the winners and gave cash prizes to six outstanding players who were the highest goal scorers in the tournament.

 While addressing the footballers, he said, “ I m happy this tournament went well and everybody was in their best behavior from the organisers to the officials down to the players. I thank you all. There are no losers and to those that came second and third, do not feel bad. There is always a next time”.

 He also advised the younger generation to emulate gestures like this in the nearest future to promote unity in the community.

Matthew Mbaukwu, the president general of the community, an organizer and donor, was also impressed with the organisation of the event.

He said, “we used this football tournament to mark our New Year Festival. It is the first of its kind. I thank the participants and most especially our donors, as they we reached out to them in a short period of time but they responded very well.” He hoped such gestures will continue in the nearest future.

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One of the organisers of the competition, Echezona Nwakwor, admits that it was quite a long time that something of that nature has taken place. He thanked the donors and  was hopeful that the event will take place again.

He said, “ we are one team, but because of this competition, we decided to share the team into three, within a short period of time. We are grateful to our sponsors and donors for this is a privilege to witness.

Team  C went home with the sum of N80,000 , Team B, who came  second went with the prize of N60,000, while Team C went with the price of N20,000.

 Afunayachi,  a player in Team C said he was the happiest man of the moment. He stated that since he was born,it was the first time he has lifted a trophy of any sort. He showered praises to the donors of the tournament, most especially, Sir Chuka Nnabuife, who donated the trophy.

 The captain of Team B, Ferdinand, said he was happy and that  they never expected this type of gesture, hence he was grateful to his teammates and the donors and sponsors as well.

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