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The world replies pandemic




Hello world!

I am Corona.

Did I just lock you down or quarantine you?

I heard you also call me COVID-19.

Oh! You aren’t answering my calls.

But aren’t I just a virus?

I travelled,

Explored your men but few.

But I will leave on your permission only.

I do cry!

For some build up immunity.

And they recover in isolation.


Hi Corona,

As I have been locked down by being indoor all weeks.

While you gave me mask and gloves which make my loved ones doubt my identity.

Well, Yes! You’re a virus.

But don’t you know how damaging you are ?

Hoping I’ll get you silenced soon.

I will soon be a happy one.

For with my dedication

You might leave on defeat for deciding not to be a friend.

Hi Corona,

But your COVID-19 name sounds strenuous.

Heard it’s because of your effect and being born in 20:19.

Do you really radiate in disturbance?

For I heard you’re a friend of the 5G.

As my friends associate you two.

Well Coronavirus,

I am also a bit relieved you release more than you take away.

But I still wish you go and never come back.

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