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Nightmare at dawn



THE seven Hydra headed monster
Is lurking,
Its rays scattered beyond the stars.
I wish this was an illusion, a fantasy
or a beauty and the beast fairy-tale.
Before me stirs this nightmare
Caterwauling like the tsunami of Japan.
Like a volcanic eruption, the earth quakes!
All and sundry quivers and finds a hind out.
The safest places have become the most vulnerable.
solitary places are now cemetery places,
one can only find solace and bliss only in eternal sleep.
Living is worst than dying and dying is better than living.
How can we live in a dead zone?

Just one beast, and we are like a walking dead,
A living corpse waiting to decay into eternity.
Just one beast, humanity is now faceless,
class is classless and being classic is stupidity.
This is the world of the unknown,
where your sophistication becomes your greatest ignorance
and your exploration, the bait for your exploitation.
Today the gods and the scavengers are equal before this trauma.
The rule and the ruled are now subjects and slaves to the beast.
Just one beast, just one plague, just one night,
all other days are shattered.
I almost fainted,
I had my heart in my mouth,
As it pounds louder
Than the beating of the Zulu drums.
What’s happening?
I’m lost! Could this be a wilderness?
Was there rapture before I could wake?
Am I left to suffer the ruin of Armageddon?
These thoughts perused my mind
Gazing at the lonely street.

A pin fall was louder than the bass drums in our churches
Perhaps this is more desert than the Sahara.
My eyes lurking around like a day thief..
Thoughts enormous are caterwauling my mind
The streets are deserted to ruin
I must die of this thirst and hunger
Because crossing to the other end
Is already a suicide mission…
Sellers and buyers are already prisoners
In the same hell of a cell.

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A nightmare at dawn I call it.
You can’t pray to wake any longer
Your reality stirs in the face to your quake
Rising up is only falling into the hands of the predator.
Like prey we wait for when it pounces on us
With its bleeding crooked hands
We must face it, bear it and conquer it.
This nightmare at dawn!

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