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There are rooms for improvement despite obvious sucesses – Adigwe



Well, I must commend ndi Anambra for attaining the age of 29. It is a welcome development and we must thank God for the progress we have witnessed in this state. Anambra is growing fast fast. There are a lot of things that were not there 29 years ago that are now. Today, we are talking about development of airport, Ekwueme square, a lot of things that have not been there when we came down from Enugu State to create our own state here.

There are  lots of infrastructural developments, a lot of road road networks. Even in the area of human development, we have the likes of Chimamanda Adichie, a lot that sprung forth from here. So, it is kudos and it is something to celebrate. I don’t think there is a specific area you will say that the state hasn’t done well but I must say that we have not arrived in all the sectors.

We are still developing, so it is all about when a leader comes in, he brings in his own innovation but I must encourage our leaders. One thing that cripples development is when leaders don’t continue the good work their predecessors started. They come in and abandon an on – going project because it wasn’t started by their government.

The only area I want to point at is the issue of fighting each other. You know when you’re talking about the state, you are not talking about just the government, but it includes you and me. We must develop the attitude of trying to express ourselves to ourselves in – house; not bringing ourselves to the public.

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You can see what happened between the traditional rulers and the government; a lot of bickerings here and there. If I have issues with His Excellency, Governor Obiano, it will be a thing of honour to me to call him and explain and state my grievances and he will address it. We are all human beings. When it comes to election, everyone wants to be a governor and no one wants to be a supporter or a subordinate.

So, if everyone becomes a governor, who will be the deputy governor, who will be the people that will be led. I also want to appeal to ndi Anambra  to build their state. If you look around, the people of Anambra are developing other states but when we come to our state, there is clash of brains. We should come together as a house. When you talk of South East, you talk of Anambra State; we are the mouthpiece of the South East but the problem is that we don’t support our brothers here. Instead, we like to fight our battles in public rather than settling our disputes in-house. So, that is a sensitive area that I must say that all of us in this state are not doing well.

We should invest and bring our investment back to the state.In terms of roads, Anambra has the best road network in the South East but one thing the government has to keep an eye out for is flood. They have to checkmate erosion. That is the only challenges we have as regards our roads.

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(Comrade Chikwelu Adigwe is the President, Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, Anambra State)   

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