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Providing enabling physical environment for Anambra people



HAVING a serene environment is very important life. A serene environment provides peace and comfort in the society.

  There is no doubt saying that adopting environmentally friendly business practices can provide benefits to the business owner seeking to control costs, attracting customers and becoming socially responsible. It can help boost efficiency, productivity, innovation and business’ bottom line.

  For years, since its creation 29 years ago, Anambra State was faced with decades of neglect. As a result, major cities have become characterised by inadequate and deteriorated road networks, poor sanitation, among others

  To address this situation, Peter Obi administration with the assistance of the UN-Habitat produced 20-year structural plans (2009–2028) for three major cities in the state- Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka Capital Territory, to restore urban planning and guide their growth into the future.

  The present administration under Chief Willie Obiano also had measures put in place to launch Anambra  State into a new economic phase through four pillars of development namely: Agriculture; Oil and Gas; Trade and Commerce and Industrialization.

  Governor Obiano, in line with his administration’s efforts to actualise his vision in creating an enabling environment in the state, created a Ministry of Environment, Beautification and Ecology , aimed at ensuring the attainment of a clean, beautiful and sustainable environment across the state through the application of best practices in the management of the environment; to develop, control and maintain public parks and gardens, among others.

  Relevant departments, boards and agencies were also created to create a clean, beautiful, attractive business-friendly environment in the state. Some of them are the Anambra State Physical Planning Board (ANSPPB), Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA), Anambra State Leisure Parks and Street Beautification Agency, Anambra State Waste Management Authority (ASWAMA), Anambra State Environmental Protection Agency(ANSEPA), Ocha Brigade among others.

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  Statement from ACTDA said that ACTDA has the mandate to prepare and implement a master plan for the  Capital Territory and Land Use with respect to town planning within the capital territory and to accelerate the infrastructural development of Awka Capital Territory.

  The managing director/ chief executive officer, ACTDA, Venerable Amaechi Okwuosa said that they “set a standard in development and building control that is very important in relation to building an economically viable society because when you plan very well you succeed.

  “So when we implement such policies, when people come into Anambra State, it is easier to identify the places where your services are needed and we take part in the holistic view of the organisation, the infrastructure and services that are needed to accelerate the development and to exhibit the executive values of the state. 

  He noted that “in the past, some individuals could block waterways and when it rains, the whole place will be flooded and that has led to loses. Now we have been able to enforce the developmental control. There is always a setback; a space, from the water way before you can build even on the motor ways. We have a setback and that makes life safer.

  “On sanitation, we enforce clearing of the premises. If the environment is not clean, it negates the impact of investment. We have carried out distilling, unclogging the drainages, so that whenever it rains, there will be a smooth flow of water. It stops flooding and encourages investors”, Okwuosa said.

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  There is Anambra State Leisure Parks and Street Beautification Agency, passed into law on March, 2020. Edward Ibuzo, a lawmaker said the agency would promote aforestation and encourage tree planting and other humane attitudes to the environment.

  The state is also creating natural parks and encouraging tourism through its current process in projecting Ogbunike Cave, Agulu  Lake, Owerre Ezukala Water Fall as world class centers for tourism.

  In furtherance of efforts to upgrade the state capital, give it a facelift and provide free flow of vehicles on the roads, three fly-overs were constructed in Awka. There is good road network that makes movement easy. People build houses with approved plans; erosion is being controlled, ASWAMA Road Sweepers, Ocha Brigade are keeping the state clean. Flooding is controlled, drainages built,  paths are created and trees planted in most parts of the state.

  All these make Anambra State beautiful and attractive for investors to invest in the state.

  Relevant bodies should be adequately funded to work effectively to achieve their mandates and keep Anambra State on top.

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