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Jubilation as churches reopen in Lagos



IT WAS all joy as worship centres in Lagos re-opened partially across the state after being locked down for severa COVID-19 pandemic c.

  This follows the directive announced by the state governor,Babajide Sanwo-Olu on August 1, that churches be opened on August 9, on the grounds that safety protocols and guidelines numbering 46 must be adhered to during services.

  Churches visited by National Light really observed the several safety protocols and guidelines at places of worshipin this first.

  Worshippers were seen washing, sanitising their hands and also maintaining social distance with 50 per cent of their capacity as they partake in worship on Sunday.

  Commissioner for home affairs, Prince Anofiu Elegushi, further revealed that the state is not interested in sanctioning any religious house but will encourage them to comply with guidelines for reopening of worship centers.

  Federal Ministry of Health also, urged places of worship to ensure that their members worship in well-ventilated spaces

  According to a Twitter post by the Health Ministry, all worshipers are enjoined to continue their worship safely by maintaining a distance of 2 metres from others.

  Speaking to National Light Newspapers in Lagos on the opening of churches Sunday, some of the ministers said that the pandemic would soon be a thing of the past with the help of the congregational prayers.

  Church ministers also appealed to leaders in public and private sector of the economy to have a mental re-direction and shun corruption which they say is the most dangerous pandemic plaque in Nigeria. Mosques in Lagos state had also opened for activities last Friday.

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  Members of many churches who spoke to our correspondent expressed gratified that they can now freely worship God in the church, expressing confidence that in due time worship time will be increased as against the two hour session many churches currently observe in the state.

  Meanwhile, some churches run two to four sessions while some whose members are still afraid of showing up at gatherings maintained but one session for a start.

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