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COVID-19: Why my case was handled in Abuja – Ikpeazu



ABIA Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, has given reason why his COVID-19 case was managed in Abuja and not in Abia despite the fact that the state government prides itself as having established one of the best centres for the management of the coronavirus in the country.

  Speaking while responding to a question during an online interactive session with Abia-born journalists under the aegis of Abia Media Forum, Ikpeazu said it was not until he arrived Abuja to seek further answers on his ailment that a second COVID-19 test was conducted and the result returned positive.

  “I started having symptoms of something that looks to me like malaria fever in the evening and then some slight headache. So my physician, who is an Abian, gave me (an) antimalarial drug and I had that for three days and after the third day the symptoms persisted and he now changed the course of treatment.”

  The governor said he did not go to Abuja as a COVID-19 patient as the tests conducted on him while in Abia returned negative, adding that he went to the nation’s capital for proper medical attention when he could not pass urine well.

  “But after taking Fansidar, I couldn’t make urine again and that gave me a shock because I am a Biochemist and I understand the implications of not being able to move my waste through urine. So, since we had already eliminated the possibility of COVID-19 infection based on the result from the test centre in Edo State, my sojourn to Abuja was in further diagnosis of what the situation could be.

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  It was while I was in Abuja that the COVID-19 test was conducted again and when it came out positive that time round, we felt it was advisable to start treatment there immediately considering the deteriorating state of my health instead of us wasting time returning to Abia.”

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