EU set to drop Algeria from safe country travel list


THE European Union Council is set to narrow down its list of epidemiologically safe third-countries the residents of which can enter the Member States, in spite of expectations for the expansion of the list.

  After the Council decided to drop out of the list two countries, Serbia and Montenegro, earlier on July 16, after a spike up in the number of Coronavirus cases in both these countries, now the EU is eyeing Algeria as the next country to be removed.

In a meeting held in Brussels today between the representatives of the Member States, the latter have decided to remove Algeria from the list of safe third countries, thus narrowing down the list to 12, from 15 as it was at the beginning when the list was first presented on June 30.

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Under the new rules, only residents of Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay can travel without any restrictions to the EU.

Chinese nationals remain ineligible to enter yet, despite that China is on the list. For them to be able to enter, the Chinese authorities must reciprocate the measure for European, which they still haven’t done, Schengen reports.


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