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Medics query hydroxychloroquine COVID-19 efficacy



THE Guild of Medical Directors (GMD) has called on Nigerians to disregard claims in a viral video that hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax are effective in the treatment of COVID-19.

The viral video had showed a doctor, Stella Immanuela, who during a press briefing in Washington DC, said her hospital in Houston, Texas successfully treated 350 COVID-19 patients with hydrochloroquine, zinc and zithromax, and that the drug regime cures the disease.

But President of GMD, Prof. Olufemi Emmanuel Babalola said her claims were not scientifically proven and were her personal and unsubstantiated opinion, which must be taken with a pinch of salt.

“We have watched with dismay the viral video of Dr. Immanuel, a doctor in the US. The video has been shared all over the country and led to many people justifiably asking the question: ‘What do you think, doctor? The video was part of a news conference held in America. The event was hosted by the Tea Party Patriots.

The organisation, America’s Frontline Doctors, a group founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified physician and attorney, and made up of medical doctors, came together to address what the group calls a ‘massive disinformation campaign’ about the coronavirus. Dr. Immanuel was among the doctors who spoke. She strongly attests to treating over 350 patients in her clinic in Houston, Texas with the combination of hydrochloroquine, zinc and zithromax.

However, people must understand that this is not scientific evidence and just her own personal, unsubstantiated claims.”He said medical research has subjected hydrochloroquine to intense research, adding that while some studies suggest that it was effective, others have come to the opposite conclusion. It is also true that Senegal, where hydrochloroquine is routinely used, has one of the lowest COVID-19 case fatality rates in the world at 0.64 per cent compared to 3.4 per cent in the US,” he said.

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