Scourge of twenty-twenty


Hours rolled into days, and days into weeks,
leaving our fates in the bleak.
For like an army, it invades all countries,
threatening the existence of the human race.

Like a wave, reverberates the entire globe in quick pace.
Like an hurricane, ravaged the world’s peace in rage.
Like a plague, sent countless to their graves.

Like a blade, cycles the earth round its orbit in a show of shame.
World leaders trade words with blame,
seeking for whom to pay for the disarray.
Nations shutdown with urgency,
leaving most economies in a state of emergency.

Jobs are lost in vain,
making all shiver with pain.
Palliatives shared for our burden to bear,
further left us in despair.

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Could this be the end of us all
as the world plunges into a fall?


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