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COVID-19 patient, Ann Wallace narrates ordeal



AN AMERICAN woman, Ann E Wallace has advised people who doubt the existence of the deadly disease to desist from such notion and totally accept the reality of the pandemic.

  Wallace who has been down with the dreaded infection for the past three months says, she was taken to the ER four times with reoccurring flulike symptoms and an uncomfortable tingling in her arms and legs.

  According to her, “COVID-19 can seem or start off mild but it can worsen quickly and become deadly in just a matter of days.”

  She added that she had battled with COVID-19 for over three months and warned people to dispel the myth that the virus is just a bad flu that only kills older individuals.

  “It’s time to dispel the myth that the coronavirus is just a bad flu that only kills older individuals who were near death anyway and that everyone else recovers quickly. Neither of those claims is true.” Ann stated.

  Continuing, “most of us long-haul patients have been diagnosed with ‘mild or moderate’ cases because we don’t need intubation or prolonged hospitalisation, but don’t be misled by that.”

  She advised people to be proactive and change their primary care doctors if they are not helping.

  It will be recalled that some Nigerians have remained adamant with their unbelief in the reality of the pandemic, leading to their reluctance in observing the protocols health experts and government have lined out to mitigate the spread of the virus.

  This has led to second close down of Eke Awka Market in Anambra State and threat for extension of lockdown in 18 local government areas across the country by the federal government.

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  The Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 in its Thursday’s briefing specifically warned people to desist from such denials and submit themselves to test, pointing out that many identifiable people have been killed by the virus both in Nigeria and across the world.

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