1. The writer of this article is ignorant or better still a hypocrite , not willing to repent. You want health workers particularly medical doctors ,to risk their lives while saving yours? Again they swore an oath to save lives, even if it means sacrificing theirs for a bunch of ingrates. We have to be sincere to ourselves and direct our displeasure to the greedy &insensitive
    political class. How can you prioritize renovation of the national assembly complex over the health sector ?

  2. The truth is it’s neither the drs nor govt fault; it’s we the populace who are always complacent about sensitive events in the country and later come to the social media to rant about the inevitable consequences. Where on earth does the govt slash healthcare budget amist a pandemic?! You tell me. Nigerians didn’t see this as big deal since they don’t really care about the Country or how it’s being run. This is what you get when you keep quiet about sensitive issues. Like I earlier said, the real problem with this country is the type of callous citizens it’s got.


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