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Auto crash kills one in Awka



A FATAL accident had claimed one death in front of the Government House, Awka when a driver of a vehicle with the registration number AKD694FB was coming down with speed from Aroma and killed unidentified man.

At the time of this report, it was gathered that the deceased was coming out of the Eco bank in front of the Government House and had crossed the first lane of the road, waiting to cross the second lane facing Government House before the vehicle crushed him to death.

An eye witness at the scene described the driver as a reckless driver and said that he was with earphone on his ear while on the speed but could not control the vehicle at the spot of the incident and hit the man who was waiting by the road side to cross the road while the vehicle somersaulted.

Another eye witness said that the corona virus has contributed to the death of the man as a result of the time taken to check the bank customers which could have delayed the man from leaving the bank.

He also said that the driver who was injured and unconscious was rushed to The To Port Gate Special Medical Centre by the police men while the deceased was taken to the Macquarie.

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