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Protect yourselves against COVID-19 – OCHA Brigade boss



MANAGING Director, Operation Clean and Healthy Anambra (OCHA Brigade), Douglas Okafor, has urged ndi Anambra to limit their movements and rather ,protect themselves against the COVID-19 pandemic.

  “We are working with other security groups to enforce the ban on interstate travels,” Mr Okafor said during an interview with information officers to acquaint them with responsibilities of OCHA Brigade at his Agu Awka office.

  “Wear your face masks regularly and stay at home if you do not have compelling reasons to leave your homes.”

  Mr Okafor enjoined ndi Anambra to imbibe the fact that “Government is trying to save your lives by restricting unnecessary movements; government is not unnecessarily imposing laws on your freedom to move about”.

  He noted that Anambra had six main borders with neighbouring states – Delta, Imo, Abia, Kogi, Rivers and currently policed by security personnel.

  The MD, however, lamented that pedestrians trying to cross these borders on foot are the major challenges facing security personnel.

  They constitute a nuisance to security personnel and sometimes, get beyond the control of the officers.

  “We in OCHA Brigade are fewer in number and we have a challenge of kits like light weapons with which to apply minimum force when required; so, we have developed a strategy to push them back and invite the medical team to test them,” Okafor emphasised.

  The MD said that they sometimes effect arrest of stubborn pedestrians by handing them over to the police for prosecution.

He listed some other measures adopted by his OCHA Brigade members in order not to get infected by coronavirus pandemic.

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  “I have volunteered to personally purchase some face masks for them and urging them to avoid arguments with the pedestrians as a way to avoid  getting infected through close contacts with them; and invariably maintaining social distancing in the process.

  “So, I urge my staff members to order the pedestrians to go back or they be arrested.”

  He noted that the ban on interstate travels could have been a pragmatic measure to contain the spread of COVID-19, but for some loopholes, which they have been fighting to control.

  Mr Okafor said that deploying political appointees to the borders to work with the task force to curb extortions by security agencies have been a welcome development.

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