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In Awka, even fitness clubs feel COVID-19 bite



IN LINE with the order of the government of Anambra State towards measures to prevent the coronavirus pandemic, Healthy Living Fitness Club and few other clubs currently operate by dividing participants in little groups at Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka.

Sunday Okafor, who is the coach of the club said that he had coached them for about 10 years, noting that among the numerous clubs at the venue, they are all trained and grouped to avoid having body contact and maintaining social distancing as directed by the government.

“Many people are not present due to the pandemic and we try to adhere to the governments’ order to prevent spreading the disease. Those who came around have their face masks and hand sanitisers. It’s not that they cannot do the exercise in their homes but we see ourselves as fans, brothers and sisters and we learn better from ourselves”

“Some Saturdays, we divide trainings into some groups so that we can be able to achieve what we want. We use cones to mark their stands on the game floor and you can see them giving one to two meters spaces. Many people here were weighing 120 before but some are weighing70, 80 and 90 now. So I’m coaching them for their health and I even treat those that have partial stroke”.

Sunday said that they do it to reduce their body fat and prevent themselves from being exposed to some diseases that affect them may be due to certain age as well as motivating others in the game, adding that they often have 200 participants on Saturdays and some other days but it has drastically reduced due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

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He further said that wearing the face mask while doing the exercise makes people not to pick up instructions at every time because of their social distances regardless of their reduced population.

One of the participants in the game, Ago Anyaga, said that he had been attending the fitness exercise for the past six years and thanked the government of Anambra State for making every effort to enforce the citizens to take measures and avoid spreading the disease.

“We are actually here to maintain our good health and as we know, health is wealth. We lose weights and burn out some certain things our body cannot use during the exercise. Many of us enjoy doing it always despite the lockdown and in order not to be idle,” he said.

Obi Ngozi, who is also a participant in the game said that it helped to reduce the rate of cholesterol in her body as well as arthritis thereby improving her good health since the beginning of the exercise.

“Any time I fail to go out for this exercise, I really feel bad on my body. Therefore, I appreciate our coach for encouraging me and many others here who have bad health status”.

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