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Davido picks a fight with COVID-19



ACE Nigerian singer David Adeleke, aka Davido has set out to play major part in the fight against Coronavirus spread across the world.

  The singer who stated that life has taken a new turn since the emergence of the pandemic made no pretence of his determination to make his mark in ensuring that COVID-19 pandemic is comprehensively defeated with victims not badly affected emotionally.

  Davido who confessed that ever since his fiancée Chioma tested COVID-19 positive, that life has not been the same morally but thanked God the result later turned negative.

  “I was on tour, she was in London with my son. When we all came back to Nigeria, we were, like, because we have travel history, I think it’s best we get tested,” he told CNN in an interview. “We had no symptoms. Nobody in the house had symptoms. Out of all 34 of us that got tested, she was the only one that came out positive, which was crazy to us.”

  She has since recovered and Dsvido says she never exhibited any symptoms.

  The artist has donated proceeds from his new video Dolce&Gabbana to fund organizations searching for covid-19 cure.

  Davido’s family already donated $1.3M to the federal government of Nigeria, but after his fiancée Chioma cured from the virus, Davido decided to pledge more support to end the virus.

  Regardless of his personal experience of the virus, Davido decided to raise the bar high in fighting against the virus because it hit his country Nigeria.

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  “This is the first time something like this has paused the whole world. A lot of people out here make money from day to day, like surviving on day to day pay and that’s not possible because we all have to stay inside,” he stated.

  Report says, apart from the money donated, Davido also distributed 6,000 bags of rice across the Osun state to vulnerable families hit hard by Covid-19.

  The 30 Billion hit maker joins the list of other Nigerian celebrities who have stood up to fight against the virus through their voices as well as giving out money to COVID-19 relief like Wiz Kid.

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