COVID-19: Toxic methanol kills 700 in Iran


MORE than 700 people have died in Iran after drinking toxic methanol which they took because false rumours that it helps to cure coronavirus.

  A spokesman of Iranian health ministry, Kianoush Jahanpour, confirmed this on his officials Twitter account.

  According to Jahanpour, 90 people have lost their eye sight or are suffering eye damage from alcohol poisoning.

  “We are fighting on two fronts here,” the ministry adviser said last month. We have to both cure the people with alcohol poisoning and also fight the coronavirus,” he said.

  But according to a local television channel, 525 people have died in hospital from swallowing toxic methanol alcohol since February 20.

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While an adviser to health ministry, Hossein Hassanian, told Agency News that another “200 or so alcohol poisoning victims died outside of hospital.” He also said the final tally of people who lost their eye sight could be much higher.

  These deaths and damages are direct fallouts from a desperate search for a curative therapy against COVID-19. Many families have turned to fake remedies that are spread across social media – including a powerful form of bootleg alcohol that is banned in the Islamic Republic.

  A government report released earlier in April said that this made alcohol poisoning to skyrocket in Iran amid the coronavirus pandemic. But an account from the national coroner said that alcohol poisoning killed 728 Iranians between February 20 and April 7, even though Hassanian said that a total of 5,011 people across Iran had been poisoned from methanol alcohol since mid-February.

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  Last year, there were only 66 deaths from alcohol poisoning.

  It will be recalled that Iran is facing the worst coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East. The death toll in Iran from the coronavirus pandemic rose by 71 in the past 24 hours to 5,877, health ministry spokesman said on state TV on Tuesday.


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