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Obiano lauded for relaxing lockdown



ANAMBRA State Motor Registrar, Patrick Chukwuka, has advised ndi Anambra  to work towards observing other preventing measures and social distancing to avoid contracting COVID-19 as government has  relaxed the lock down.

  Speaking to our reporter in an interview, Chukwuka commended Governor Obiano for relaxing the lockdown, pointing out that it has given rise to some robbing others to survive  as some people were  systematically and gradually dying of hunger instead of the Convid19 pandemic.

  On the issue of 5G network and coronavirus, he said: “There is no gain saying that the world itself is at a cross road about what to make out of the ever still complex and complicated situation.

We all are confused as to what has happened, what is happening now and what is to happen next. Even Africa and Nigeria is not left out of the ugly situation the world found herself.

As the situation in Nigeria bites harder because of the lockdown and measures preventing the spread of the virus- staying at home, washing of hands with soap and sanitisers, wearing of hand gloves, mouth gear and use of testing kits”.

  He cautioned against playing blame games, hypocrisy, tribalism, nepotism, politics, insincerity, among others in issues relating to the disease which he said might cause more harm than good.

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