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Trading in Eke Awka as traders move back to market



EKE Awka traders, yesterday morning, gathered by the road side of the market to do their business  as people were seen coming to buy food items following the state government’s reversal of the order given by the police on Monday, for sellers’ relocation to temporary sites across the state.

  Trading activities remained largely on roadsides as buyers turned the ways around the market to a buzz.

  Chairman of Market 4A Line, Mr Samuel Nwogbodo who was seen chasing people out of the market along with the task force chairman of the market, Mr Chukwujekwu Odumodu said that no one was allowed to enter the market as ordered by the state government to enable the traders to maintain the precautionary measures and avoid spreading the disease, adding that all the market lines and gates were blocked.

  In an interview with a National Light, one of the traders, Mrs Ifeyinwa Ogbodo said that she is doing her beverages business as is one of the essential food commodities.

  In her words, “the market is closed because of the COVID 19 and we are asked not to go inside. But the truth is that the poor masses are suffering and people must survive. There is no way we can fold our hands and die out of hunger.

Many people cannot provide three square meals a day if they are not coming out to hustle. So we are here to hustle to earn a living and feed our children. That is why people are outside trying to do their businesses”.

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  Mr Onyemaechi Anieke who is also a trader on beverages said that they were formally informed earlier before now not to go inside the market due to the pandemic but to move down to the new temporal place known as Stadium, beside Igwebike Grammar School, Awka, where the market has been relocated. He noted that the traders who sell food stuffs found it difficult to be carrying their goods along on daily bases.

  “Here, we are very sure that after the shut down, we will go back to the market. If we also close our business, people will find it difficult because there will be hunger everywhere. More so, if the market continues to be open, the rate at which the disease spreads will increase because there will be body contact among people.”

  “We are selling edible things but other business traders do not open their shops. The market authorities gave us this opportunity for those of us that are into food items to do our businesses.

You will notice that there is no body inside the market because nobody is allowed to go in. My goods have been outside since the beginning of the shut down”.

  Mr Bernard Okoli thanked the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano for making it mandatory that everybody should observe the shut down in the state, adding that life is the most important thing to take care of before other things attached to it.

  Mr Prince Asogwa said that some roads still seem to be busy as people continue to move around regardless of the lockdown.

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  He said, “I sell building and furniture materials and live in No. 38 Author Eze Avenue, Awka. But here is often busy and there is no social distancing. I urge government to regulate the law by bringing law enforcement agents that will come and arrest few persons here and others will learn their lessons.

The first two weeks the lockdown started, I was in my house with my family. We pray when it is time for prayer as well as eat when it’s time”.

  Apart from people going to market to buy food stuffs, the major roads in the state remains empty as the law enforcement agencies block the roads, advising people to obey the lockdown order.

  When National Light visited the Old Awka Temporary Stadium where traders were  ordered to trade on Tuesday, there was nobody there and no sign of activity. 

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