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Take COVID-19 pandemic serious – Ifedioranma



WE DON’T want to lose anyone to coronavirus, even if it costs a fortune to ensure that no life is lost to coronavirus in my constituency. The appropriate measure is to sensitise my constituency on the reality of COVID-19 plaguing the world and clear confusions arising from the false knowledge of the virus.

Member, representing Njikoka 1 Constituency in Anambra House of Assembly, Timothy Ifedioranma said the enlightenment campaign became imperative to educate the people on what to do to avoid contracting the virus.

He stated that as many people pray to God for protection, they should take precautionary measures as the first step and not take health issues for granted as some people are doing with coronavirus.

The lawmaker stated this at the sensitization awareness campaign and distribution of protective and relief materials to fight COVID-19 in towns that comprised his constituency.

“Some people are saying that the disease is only for non-Africans, while some said it is for the wealthy. What we want to tell you and want you to know is that the virus respects no one’s status or race. We want you to know that the disease is transmissible from person to person.

Personal hygiene and physical and social distancing is still the key as there is no cure yet for it. So, you have to adhere to the rules of avoiding it to stay healthy. It’s only the living that is alive to make a living. Take COVID-19 pandemic serious.”

The event done in due compliance with the global injunction of physical distancing had Dr Ifedioranma visiting Nawfia, Enugwu-Ukwu and Enugwu Agidi towns, along with a team of medical practitioners, protective kits and relief materials.

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The programme, which was in three phases started with lectures by Ifedioramma in alliance with some medical practitioners. 

The second phase was a question and answer section, chaired by Dr Uche Okeke of General Hospital, Enugwu-Ukwu. The third stage was temperature checking and distribution of protective gears (facemask, hand gloves, buckets and sanitisers) to the villagers and food vendors at the markets.

Dr Ifedioramma urged the people to obey the lockdown, “I know it has not been easy with the lockdown order, but the stay at home directive is for our goods.

It won’t be long, and we will resume our normal activities. The prevention of an ailment is better than its treatment. If anyone manifests the symptoms associated with the virus, please don’t be shy of stigmatization; go for a test.”

Over 7000 buckets with taps, 10,000 sanitisers, soaps, hand gloves and face masks were distributed to the people of Nawfia, Enugu-Ukwu and Enugu-Agidi communities to help fight coronavirus in the constituency.

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