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Banishment of Sanusi and triumph of modernism



IT is sad that Africans, in spite of the western education which remains a civilizing influence on humanity, take ready resort to uncivilized if not idolatrous, primitive customs and traditions encapsulated in the supposed “cultural heritage”.

If Africans really value education which goes to enlighten the mindset, every custom and tradition has to be subjected to common sense, fruits of education, and above all, the knowledge of the supreme creator of the universe. For the educated Africans to be sheepishly embracing their forefathers’ ways of doing things amounts to casting pmany have not allowed the mental reformation which education entails. 

  In the hoary past, the forefathers did not know the true God but depended on spirit beings and hordes of hell for inspiration and guidance in their day-to-day activities which culminated to what is known as “cultural heritage”. Again education was not there to refine their perception in life. So it would be plain stupidity for modern man to embrace the ways of doing things by their progenitors. Some people even venerate primordial customs and traditions as if they were sent down from Heaven.

  Going by the enlightened mind that comes with education and knowledge of ways of worshipping the almighty creator of the universe, certain cultural activities and festivals and practices such as banishing dethroned kings should have been jettisoned into the scrap heap of history. The failure to do so has shown that Africans were never prepared for civilization and worship of the true God.

  Kano State Government, in line with cultural heritage of the emirate hegemony without recourse to modernity as encapsulated in the edict that regulates kingship succession and code of conduct, dethroned the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and supposedly banished him to another state, Nasarawa state, as if the governor has jurisdiction over that state.

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  It was said that in the hoary part in Benin, now in Edo State, human head was used to bury kings. Story has it that even now, whenever the king of the town dies, people would be gripped with fear of mysterious disappearance of children for use in observing the idolatrous cultural heritage of burying the king with human being.

 But with the fruits of modernity and civilization from western education, such things are no more observed. In Kano, on the dethronement of SLS, one is constrained to question the ground the governor relied to choose Nasarawa State to banish Sanusi? Does the Nigerian Constitution make him to exercise jurisdiction over Nasarawa State to be dumping dethroned emirs? Why did he not banish Sanusi in Kano State to implement the “rich cultural heritage”?

  The fact is that banishing Sanusi to another state was ostensibly to remind uninformed Nigerians that there is still in the existence “Monolithic North”. Fact remains that there is nothing like Monolithic North anymore because of the economic and political alienation and strangulation of states in the Middle Belt Region, now North Central Geopolitical Zone.

  Having been victims of Islamic terrorists masquerading as herdsmen who have been slaughtering middle-belt Christians and went a step further to occupy their ancestral lands while the people are dying in makeshift refugee camps, the people have pointedly declared that they are no longer a part of the erstwhile “monolithic north”.

  In line with civilization and modernity, the court has declared the supposed banishment null and void, which means death to primitive and idolatrous customs and traditions all over Nigeria. Those communities that disturb people from going about their normal business in the name of celebrating their “rich cultural heritage” in festivals should be mindful of the fact that civilization has rubbished those primitive and idolatrous pastimes.

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