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Women urged to invest more in girl-child education



WOMEN are not challenging men’s traditional role in the society but are not inferior to them. Women in any position or place of authority often perform credibly well. Every woman should try to make the society feel her relevance, she must prepare for it. Every attainment has a price to pay for it and its hard work.

Director, Anambra State Library Board, Awka, Nkechi Udeze, stated this at Amiyi Central School, Amiyi, Ogbaru Local Government Area, as part of activities of the Library Board to mark 2020 International Women’s Day, themed, “I am Generation Equality; Realising Women’s Right.”

Dr Udeze said that when it came to community development, it’s important that women are involved, ”when the need calls for women representation, don’t select just anybody, look for people that are best qualified in terms of education, enlightenment and exposure. Be empowered economically. For those not active, engage yourself  in farming.

 The library board boss pressed it on the women to prepare their daughters for the future. She described girl-child education as important to national development, “Some women will not be in the position they occupy today without girl-child education. Encourage girl-child education. Any culture against the girl-child has no place in today’s world.  Some women think they have lost the opportunity to get some formal education or further their education, what about their children?”

“Do not force your child into early marriage.  Marriage is beautiful but let it be done at a matured age. You shouldn’t let your daughter’s education be interrupted by early marriage. You shouldn’t encourage the trend of people marrying their daughters to returnees, whose source of livelihood lacks definition. Often, many women insist on the returnees marrying their daughters because of their display of wealth, even when there are better suitors around.

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She urged women not to pursue activities that will not only ruin other women’s homes but detrimental to their well-being.

Community woman leader, Amiy, Ezinne Ononuju, said the library board event was apt but would want more of such engagement.  “Many of us are interested in marrying off our daughters than investing in their education which is not good for our daughters. This event has reinforced the need for investment in girl-child education. We promise to put into practice what we learnt in this event.”

A participant, Augustina Mbanefor, said that before now, such forum has been for men in their community. She said she would encourage others of the need to give proper training to their children so that they wouldn’t regret it in future.  

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