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Sanusi: Kano’s macabre dance



THE ‘father’ of bombastic English language manufacturer in Nigeria, Patrick Obahiagbon, former Member of House of Representatives, had described the shenanigan going on in Edo State between  Governor Obaseki and former Governor Adams Oshiomole as “macabre dance”. In his interview in the last Sunday Vanguard, he said: “I think the weird happenings between the governor of Kano State and the dethroned Emir of Kano, Alhaji Lamido Sanusi is a real macabre dance, otherwise to be further perceived as “the more you look, the less you see” kind of thing”. Highly flabbergasted Nigerians have been watching with bated breath the brazen bastardisation of Nigerian laws in the dethronement and supposed “banishment” of the Emir. The monkey tricks being played out were likely couched thus: “Oh, Sanusi has been “banished” to Nasarawa State; oh no, he has been flown to the government house Kano via a helicopter; oh, he has been flown to Lafia, bla bla bla”!

  But wait a minute! Please Nigerians, is the country operating two sets of laws viz: Nigerian laws as backed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria or the medieval feudal system and oligarchy? Nigeria is no doubt a democratic country where the rule of law should prevail? Why in this modern day and age, should one be hearing about “banishment” of somebody and even a traditional ruler after dethronement”?

  Does the governor of Kano State has the constitutional right and prerogative to direct the security agents to carry somebody from the state and dump in another state; has he the control over the territory? How come that the Northern Moslems have rubbished this country and continued to make it a byword and butt of international joke by the medieval feudalism? Common sense and simple law demand that if a state government strips the robe of a traditional ruler, he automatically becomes a free man and can look for another area of human endeavour. It is ridiculous or even sheer craze for any government authority to resort to the primitive sanction perceived as “cultural heritage” like ”banishment” which is not in the country’s supreme law of the land-the constitution. 

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  Sanusi has right to move about and can even be a member of a political party and vie for elective positions. If the Kano State Government has accused him of any financial misdemeanors, the governor has to observe the Kano Traditional Rulers Edict which stipulates procedures for dethronement of indicted traditional ruler. The process includes issuance of query and the constitution of panel of enquiry to examine the accusations against the traditional ruler. Surely, it would amount to double standard to mix modernity with archaic process of “banishment” without affording the traditional ruler opportunity for self-defense.

  Although it is heartening that Sanusi has filed a suit against the outright primitive gambits of the Kano State Governor.

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