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The Beatles: No killing the old automobile



OLD Skool was on tour, but, alas along the line, I was taken aback when I saw a vehicle and my mind flashed back to decades ago, when a colleague, an ace photographer used photo news, titled, “No Killing the Beatle”. At that time, Beatle was going extinct while state of the art vehicles were taking over, at that time, most people were of the opinion that the vehicle would within the next few years be for the museum.

  However, decades after, I saw the vehicle still being driven around without stains and the driver who incidentally is also the owner despite having other choice automobiles in his garage fancys the Beatle more than those exotic, flashy and imposing elegant vehicles.

And I came to the conclusion that the Beatle car has come to stay, for according to Modestus Igudobi, that ace photographer, “there is no killing the Beatle”.

  Cruising with me in his “little treasure” as he lovely calls his fancied automobile, Chief Jude Anaekwenagbu, ESQ, told Old Skool, that the youths of these days do laugh at him while he cruises  around with his pet car but they always have a re-think when they finish riding with him.”

They always marvel at the roomy compartment of the vehicle, the comfort and most importantly, the economic maintenance of the vehicle. ”Volkswagen made a mistake, producing such durable and amiable ride”, he quipped.

  Chief Anaekwenagbu, who is also an Old Skool said that he had driven this his pet vehicle for more than 35 years, adding that he is not in a hurry to do away with the prized automobile.

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  He pointed that the vehicle came out in two models – Beatles 1,300 and 1,500 and that he started with Model 1,300 before the present Model 1,500, which he is driving with glamour and candour.

  Giving further insight, the Ngwuogiliga of Adazi-Nnukwu in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State, in reaction to a question put to him by Old Skool stressed that unlike automobiles produced alongside the Beatles, which their maintenance components have gone moribund, that the parts to keep the Beatles going are everywhere while any qualified field mechanic can work and fix it up anytime it develops a problem which is very rare.

  “The Beatles has no radiator and swims in and out of any flood without problem unlike current vehicles that would be stuck in water-logged areas”, he emphasised.

  Chief Anaekwenagbu , after much talking and praising of the Beatles car, I came to that summation and agreed with Modestus Igudobi, “That there is no killing the Beatles”.

  So when next you move around, watch out for this vehicle and if you have  an opportunity as I did, have a drive and see.

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