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People’s expectation in 2020



Every new year, people have expectations and predictions on what should be or what should be done in the new year. The predictions for this year cut across some sectors of the economy but centre majorly on using dialogue and negotiation for the continuous existence of the country, improving working conditions of public sector workers. CHIKAODI CHUKWULETA, NKECHI IKENWOKE and CHARITY UZOAGBA captured some of the people’s expectations . Excerpts:

Conducive environment will boost economy, add value to citizens’ lives – Obiudu


MY NEW Year Message to Ndi Anambra and expectations will be in two phases.
First is to appreciate God for placing us in this part of the world, Anambra State as origin in particular and the gift of life for a successful end of year 2019 and miraculously crossing over safely to year 2020.
Presently, we have enjoyed maximum peace through the security system in place. With the event of last year’s security summit where lots of gadgets were provided to equip all security offices in the state, I look forward to a bountiful returning in this New Year.
Again in Infrastructure, I commend His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano for seriously working round the clock on some projects with the on-going International Conference Centre (ICC), and International Airport etc.
I also thank the Anambra State Ministry of Works for a work well done on our roads thereby giving Ndi Anambra a smooth ride throughout the Christmas and New Year Celebrations.
I urge our dear governor, Chief Dr Willie Obiano (Akpokue Global) to consider some bad roads in rural areas in 2020 especially around the state capital. We hope to have more roads to be commissioned.
” Aku luo Uno” will fully come into play with the rate at which sons and daughters of the state have decided to bring back home their wealth to support the on-going community development program of the state to mention only a few is the 1.2km “Chief Olisa Okeke Abatete bye pass Road” single handily done by Chief Olisa Okeke (Odogwu Abatete). This is a challenge to others that are well to do and will eventually spur many to do same this New Year.
Same goes to other sectors, ministries and industries.
I also commend the efforts of the Ministry of Utility in the Light up Anambra Agenda, a unique plan by the state government in lighting  up the state and promoting night life in the state.
The N20million naira Community project by the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy matters has brought sporadic transformation of the State at the grass root.
The enabling and conducive environment in the state will surely boost the economy and add value to the citizens.
 Chidi  Obiudu is the Chairman, Nigerian Institution of Highways and Transportation Engineers, Awka Chapter

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Elimination of avoidable blindness is key – Ehirim

I WISH a happy new year to Ndi Anambra. It is a privilege to appreciate the remarkable success of the present administration in the state led by His Excellency, Chief Dr Willie Obiano in creating a socially stable and business friendly environment that has been attracting people from far and wide to seek wealth creating opportunities in the state as well as providing vehicles to the security agencies which has gone a long way to curb criminal activities in the state.
I’m using this opportunity to call on His Excellency to create a task force that will help to chase away those Eke-Awka traders who display their businesses by the road sides thereby causing congestions within that axis.
I must also commend his efforts in the health care sector. I believe that it would do the state a whole lot of good if more energy will be channeled towards the health sector.
This year 2020 is the year for “VISION 2020” which is the year for the Right to Sight global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).
So with regards to this Vision 2020, I call on the state government to see to the employment of more optometrists in her hospitals across the state, including in health centres to get rid of eye defects of the populace.
Dr. Johnbosco Chibuike Ehirim is an optometrist 

Develop rural communities for devp – Obidigbo

 I’M USING this opportunity to say happy New Year to Ndi Anambra.
Like every other year, everyone must have come up with their New Year resolutions and since it is a  leap year, it shows the happiness people have and demonstrated in entering the New Year.
Therefore, I believe that we are very hopeful looking forward to a brighter year, a year of economic development, a year of empowerment, a year of creation of jobs and so on.
The year 2019 was a peaceful year in Anambra State and I must commend on the governor’s administration, led by His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano, for taking proper care of the security matters. He has been able to demonstrate to people outside Anambra and the world at large that Anambra State is a peaceful destination for businesses as well as tourism.
For that reason, we are the witnesses of gestures he has done to the police by providing vehicles and materials to the road safety, to the civil defense corps. His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano is actually touching all sectors for us to be comfortable.
Towards road infrastructure, I think he is trying but like Oliver Twist, we are asking for more. We are asking that more roads should be built and those that are dilapidated should be repaired too.
We know that Anambra State is one of the states that have best of roads so far. We are praying that the government should extend their policy on rural and urban development of our areas so that  there will be no migration from a rural area to the urban area likes Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi, Ekwulobia.
If our rural areas are developed, people will be encouraged to do businesses and life will be more meaningful.
Kanayochukwu Obidigbo is a   Public Affairs Analyst 

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Better working conditions for workers – Ekwuagana

MY EXPECTATIONS for 2020 are many and diverse. In 2019, Nigeria was faced with many challenges cutting across the economy, social and political landscape. On the domestic front, the pace of development would appear to have slowed down.
I expect greater attention to the issue of improved working conditions of the public sector workers. The state should sincerely engage the organised labor in this regard to maintain the commendable industry peace since the inception of this administration.
At the national level, there’s an urgent need to sincerely address agitations from the ethnic and religious groups in the country to avoid further deepening of the crises in the country.
Generally, I expect a massive improvement in provision and maintenance of public infrastructures, especially roads.
Alex Ekwuagana is the Director, Office of the State Auditor General.

Restructuring is sacrosanct – Chukwuka

MY EXPECTATIONS for 2020 are numerous but the  one and only thing that will bring succour and hope to the continued existence of Nigeria is Dialogue and Negotiations. Most Nigerians are not happy the way this country is being run. Nigeria is at the brinks of imminent collapse. Therefore, restructuring is sacrosanct. Let’s save Nigeria.
Pat Chukwuka is a  State Motor Registrar

Progress and good governance – Molokwu

THIS year, my expectations are that  there will be more progress,  security for the state, good governance and all round growth in Anambra  and Nigeria at large. For Amawbia people, peace will reign and Amawbia will develop in all facets of life.
Nze Chinyelu Nworah Molokwu is the  Igwe-elect of Amawbia,

Good governance and economic growth – Ugochukwu

I THANK God for the grace and gift of life to us see year 2020 and I pray that we will all live to experience more years ahead.
My expectation this year is that the good Lord who made us to see 2020 will lead us through the year and prosper us in all we do. I strongly believe that this year will be a remarkable year for me.
I pray for my family and friends that God will provide for their needs and for the singles, may God grant their heart desires this year. My prayer for Nigeria is for God to provide a good government and economic growth. I will equally want to advise people not to hurry in life, slow and steady we will all get there”.
Chimaobi Ugochukwu is a business man at Nnewi.

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Peaceful and crime-free nation – Okafor

I’M HOPEFUL for a better and wonderful beginning of a new decade, “I sincerely want to appreciate God for his immense love and preserving us throughout last year with stable and articulated minds.
I thank God for the physical fitness to undergo all rigorous exercise 2019 brought my way, I emerged victoriously. I want to use this medium also to appreciate God  for the opportunity for 2020 because when I look back to a decade, counting back to 2010; as at 2010, I was not yet in the university and this is 2020.
I’m a graduate, served the country and now a successful entrepreneur. I thank God for another year to be alive, successful, and another year to think outside the box; another year of fulfillment and expectation.
This year I’m not asking much because last year, I bombarded God with a lot of requests which was granted. This year, I just want to ask him for long life, good health and of course, prosperity. I thank God for my new business outfit, HairDome and Bavic Cosmetics.
We are so grateful and I want to give special thank to God this year for all the marvelous things he has done for me. It’s going to be a thanksgiving year because if I look back years ago when I just started and now, knowing how gracious God has been  for me at every point in my life and my family.
For Nigeria, I ask him for a greater and better nation, for proper governance and for the leaders to listen to the masses. More so, for a peaceful and crime free nation, everybody will diligently carry out their duties and do what is expected.
We don’t want to record any death from either Boko Haram or herdsmen or fire outbreak this year. I want a nation where everyone will co-exist and be happy. So when people look back, they will smile to thank God for another decade.
This year, I pray that everything that we ask from God will be granted, peace and joy will reign in every state of the federation.
Cynthia Okafor is an entrepreneur 

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