Historic events that took place on 9th January



A strike in St. Petersburg in Russia and Peaceful protesters go to the Winter Palace to give the Tsar a petition and the Imperial Guard fires on the crowd, killing two-hundred people.


A fire occurs during a children’s movie show at the Laurier Palace Theatre in Montreal, Canada and due to the poor fire safety exits either locked or badly designed, 77 children died during the stampede to the exits.


Fletcher Markle from Winnipeg, Manitoba is reported as of this date to have produced the first US television series to be shown in Canada. The first episode of this Television series entitled “Studio One” was scheduled to air on January 26th, 1953, on Montreal’s CBC station.


Due to the problems caused by the Panama Canal Zone which was under US control, US forces shoot six Panamanian students protesting when US students raise the American flag in the Panama Canal Zone. Following the shootings, riots break out resulting in the deaths of 21 Panamanians and three US soldiers.


Surveyor 7, America’s last and most sophisticated unmanned moon probe, landed near the rugged highlands close the lunar south pole



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