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APSON charged to ensure originality



MANAGING Director and Chief Executive Officer of Anambra Newspaper and Printing Corporation (ANPC), Awka, Chuka Nnabuife, has charged the Anti-Piracy Society of Nigeria ( APSON) members to maintain the quality for what originality stands for.
Sir Nnabuife, who made this declaration during the organisation’s end of the year interactive session which took place at ANPC hall, Awka, stressed the need for APSON members to go to the field, understand what to do and be able to communicate the result adequately to the society.
He enjoined them to self- examine themselves to ascertain if the training attended so far in the organisation had created any impact on them to enable them engage others in the society. ” I am expecting that when next you visit National Light, you must have begun to know how to engage other people in the society.
The Director-General of Anti-Piracy Society of Nigeria (APSON), Frank Uduonu, emphasised that people would like to give hearing ears when they begin to hear what they have never heard before than on what they are familiar with. Thus,” one cannot offer the society what they don’t have”.
Mr Uduonu further stated that Anti-Piracy is not “just Anti-piracy but grooming leaders who would make changes” citing President Muhammadu Buhari’s earlier statement that “change begins with oneself”.
According to him, the life spam of most people reduces today as a result of what they consume. ” There is high rate in cancer cases and kidney unlike in the olden days when people stick to their traditional food, adding that “people must have abused the nature and nature on the other hand hurts them by incurring various diseases and sicknesses to them”.
He added that if Nigeria must develop a policy that must work, all hands must be on deck. “We must create value that would change the entire world,” he stated.



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