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Security concerns: Beyond equipment, fight demands more tactical intelligence



GOING by the rising insecurity across the country in recent time, concerns continue to mount on possible measures to check the phenomenon. No  nation goes to sleep while her existence is  threatened and no good spirited individual would choose to remain aloof when their immediate environs are overwhelmed by strives, anomies and vices.
NIGERIA as a country has had a good dose of security challenges capable of breaking the bonding nerves of fragile nations; yet, she navigates through it with sublime aplomb that consternated even the most adamants of her doom critics.
IT IS not news that Boko-Haram has held the country on her jugular in the past decade or that killer herdsmen invaded a community and unleashed mayhem on the people but it is worth basking in the euphoria of containing the onslaughts of these agents of evil by the security agencies whose uncompromising doggedness pruned the fledging plumage of the terror merchants and helped steady the society on functional cruise again.
THE winning feats of the Nigerian security agencies over these elements underscore the unflinching stance of the agencies to free the country from insurgency no matter the mode they (insurgents or terrorists) deploy in their strategies and operations.
THE Crux of the matter is that the agents of horror did push their luck too far against Nigeria but came up against a force so formidable for them to shake or shove as the case may be.
Nigeria’s situation is mirrored in the tough battles many states in the country are drawn against insurgent.
IN THE South East states of Nigeria, which may not be regarded as the flashpoints of the horror theater, a lot do happen to keep concerned minds wondering which direction the country is drifting.
IN ENUGU State alone, hardly could there be a three-month passage without tales of kidnapped priest(s). In fact, the last nine months have seen about half a dozen priests abducted. Some got back alive while some others lost their lives in the process.
THE cases of ritual killing in Imo, and Ebonyi are too high to be ignored. This is an addition to the herdsmen carnage that had continued to visit different parts of some states at different times.
This may have spurred the government of Anambra State, under Chief Willie Obiano’s watch to invest heavily in upscaling security architecture of the state.
THE heavily equipped smart cars stationed at different  locations of the state’s component zones tell without words the no-nonsense declaration of the state on criminality.
IT IS therefore shocking that some dare devil criminals would wish to test the might of the security operatives by springing pockets of attack on unsuspecting citizens at some flashpoints, thinking they can get away with it.
THE sporadic shootings by unknown gunmen at Nkpor Junction in Idemili North Local Government Area  penultimate Thursday night was not only inciting but affront to police and other security organisations saddled with the responsibility of apprehending these hoodlums, given the state government’s support in beefing up security.
IT IS always heartwarming to the civilian populace when they see security operatives rise up to occasion and foil robbery, kidnap or any serious criminal attempt within their domain. Just the police presence alone gives the civilians some aura of protection.
IT IS therefore hope-shattering for the civilians to be harassed by any of the bad elements without any challenge from the security personnel they so much bank their hopes on. That captured the illusions that weighed the minds of many who witnessed the Thursday night’s shootings.
WHILE National Light salutes the courage of the police in fighting crimes and criminality, it is equally our stance that to whom much is given, much is expected.
We are gradually approaching the Christmas and New Year festivities which witness mass return of ndi Igbo, particularly ndi Anambra who  are used to coming home for the celebrations since the advent of the Obiano administration due to his huge investment in security of lives and properties over the years.
IN THIS wise, the police and indeed all security agencies operating in the state must pull their acts together, engage more on strategic intelligence approach and apprehend these elements with ease, not dismissing provision for matching force with force, where necessary.  It is not magical, it is only tactical.
IT IS our strong belief that when the police win completely, the war against crime in the state, which they have the capacity to the governor’s security investments will not only be justified but appreciated by all.



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1 Comment

  1. David Moses

    December 15, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    security is a major concer

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