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Otu Suwakwa Igbo lauds ANPC over Ka O Di Taa



IT was a colourful and a merry gathering as Otu Suwakwa Igbo (Nig) Initiative, an international, non-religious and non-profitable organisation, recently held her end of year party and Christmas carol for the year 2019.
During the event which took place Thursday, at the hall of Knight of St. John International, inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral premises, founder of the organisation, Prof Pita Ejiofor, in his welcome address, commended Anambra  Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), publishers of National Light Newspaper, Ka ọ Di Taa, SportLightXtra, for their support to the organisation.
He equally lauded ANPC for their contribution towards reviving Igbo language which according to him is gradually going into extinction, through the publication of Ka O Di Taa, the only Igbo newspaper presently in circulation.
He observed that  there are other newspapers like ‘FIDES’ and ‘Outlook’ newspapers that publishes a page in Igbo language.
Prof Ejiofor thanked God for a successful year and admonished ndi Igbo to always speak Igbo language in their traditional and cultural events. He also solicited for support from government and good spirited individual for the propagation of Igbo language.
Rev.  Patrick Okoye, in his homily, urged members to have a  sober reflection of their lives as the year is gradually coming to an end.
He advised them to be humble themselves and have hearts of unity, sharing in love among themselves as sons and daughters of God, who is the author of life and giver of peace.
Igwe George Okaa of Nawgu while speaking during the celebration, charged ndi Igbo to always show their identity wherever they go and be proud of it, stressing that they should not neglect speaking their mother tongue because it is their heritage
Also speaking during the event, President of Ohaneze, Anambra State Chapter, Chief Okeke Ogene commended the organisation for creating an umbrella that brings ndi Igbo together to encourage and motivate them on the need to embrace their native language, adding that some religious groups like Catholic and Anglican churches that use Igbo language to conduct their church services have tremendously contributed to the sustenance of Igbo language.
While advising parent on the need to inculcate in their children Igbo culture and tradition, Chief Ralph Nwike, president of Knight of St. John International, Awka, called on ndi Igbo to be steadfast in the call for  upholding speaking of Igbo and prayed for the growth of the organisation.
Dr. Arinze Agbanusi, a member and lecturer in Nnamdi Azikiwe University(UNZIK), Awka, frowned at the attitude of some parents that stop their children from speaking Igbo, thinking that it will improve their performance or show off that they are intelligent. “Some parents contribute in making Igbo language to go into extinction. An intelligent and wise person learns how to speak his or her mother tongue first, before learning other foreign languages. Research has made it known that a child can learn up to about five languages. No need stopping your child from speaking Igbo, it is an advantage in understanding and interpreting other languages.  It is a shameful thing to see an Igbo person that is not able to speak his mother tongue, write or read Igbo language, especially speaking Igbo”.
The event was graced by dignitaries, including Igwe George Okaa  of Nagwu, President of Knight of St. John; Sir Ralph Nwike, President Ohaneze Anambra Chapter; Chief Okeke Ogene, Secretary of Ohaneze; Mr. Luke Onyekeonwu, Director, News and Current Affairs, Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) , Mr. Gab Okpalaeze,  Mathias Okay Asiegbu, members of the organisation and   ndi Igbo in diaspora  in their full traditional regalia as a mark of promoting Igbo cultural identity.

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