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Lone song for Achebe



 SATURDAY is the post humus birthday of another great son of Africa, the very renowned grand bard and writer of the 20th century African novel, “Things Fall Apart,” Chinua Achebe.

  Also, ignored and largely when some public speakers see some subjective ends, Prof Achebe left the world a giant with boldly engraved feats but not enough drumbeats have been sounding of him since he died in March 21, 2013.

 Born November 16, 1930, of Ogidi, Idemili North, Anambra State parents, Achebe, in his 83 years of life became one of Africa’s most venerated writers and scholars. His main fiction, ‘Things Fall Apart’ was so cherished around the world that it has been translated into 52 languages. Similarly, such novels as ‘Arrows of God’, ‘No Longer at Ease’ and others, have come in many tongues.

Similarly, he put out seminal non-fictions such as ‘The Trouble with Nigeria’, ‘There was a Country’ and others were landmark works.

Sadly, since death no honours have been endowed in his name except the yearly Chinua Achebe Memorial literary event organized by the Anambra State chapter of Society of Young Nigerian Writers every November 16.

This weekend, they will stage the fourth edition of the Achebe fest at Kenneth Dike E-Library, Awka. The young ones will issue a new anthology of writings in honour of Achebe in this edition. They will also issue some awards. I doff my hat for the up-and-coming writers led by Izunna Okafor for doing what their elders and larger society are shying away from.

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