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Woman tells court she’s dumping hubby for sex elsewhere



A WOMAN who was identified as Mrs. Rejoice Emmanuel has approached an Area Court sitting in Jalingo, Taraba State, seeking a dissolution of her customary marriage with one Mr. Bitrus Maisamali.

  The union has lasted for only three years but there are no children between them.

  She is seeking an end to the marriage following her husband’s inability to satisfy her sexually which he aggravates with domestic violence, adding that it had been a bitter experience that has become a major threat to her happiness.

  According to her, every effort by her to correct his sexual challenge met a brick wall as her husband remained aloof. This, she said, led to her sourcing sex from another man who gives her the kind of sex she craves for.

  “All I want right now is divorce so that he can leave me alone. We had our separate cooking utensils in the house and cooked our meals separately. We fought constantly.

He never satisfied me in bed and after leaving him for almost two years now, I have tasted sex and enjoyed it, so I cannot go back to stay with him without sex because I love it a lot,” Rejoice told the court.

  But Maisamali told the court that he caught his wife with another man in bed barely a week after their marriage and that was responsible for his inability to perform satisfactorily in bed with her since he felt betrayed and highly demoralised.

  The judge, Mr. Bulus Nyiputen, adjourned the case to November 25, for defense but advised the parties to tread carefully and reconsider their decision for a divorce as amicable resolution of marital differences can be achieved once the parties choose to forgive sincerely and tolerate their imperfections.

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