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WWE: Undertaker, Goldberg to miss S’Arabia Crown Jewel



WHEN it comes to the PPV shows hosted in Saudi Arabia, there is a special demand for The Undertaker on the card. And the Deadman has never missed a single edition of the show hosted in the middle-east country starting from 2018.

The country’s sports authority, as well as the fan base, demand this legend every time with a lucrative paycheck ready for him. Now, for the first time, we may see an exception during the next event in-store named WWE Crown Jewel.

  The latest reports from the Wrestling Observer say that The Phenome will not perform in the late October event. He will be absent despite the early advertisements for the PPV that was out in September.

The vignette aired was basically a hint that The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair will be heading to Saudi Arabia. The promotion has booked the latter duo in a showcase tag team match, but there is no update on The Deadman’s involvement.

  Apart from that, an update carried on also confirms that WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg will give Crown Jewel 2019 a miss.

 “There’s no word yet on why Taker isn’t working Crown Jewel, but it was speculated that it would make little sense to bring in other outside attractions,

who aren’t active Superstars when they already have boxer Tyson Fury and new WWE Superstar Cain Velasquez on the card. On a related note, The Observer reports that there are also no current plans for WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg to work Crown Jewel.”

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