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There’s still need for improvement – Obidiegwu



Chido Obidiegwu is Senior Special Adviser to Gov. Obiano on Environment. He was among the dignitaries that graced the three-day retreat organised for workers of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation over the weekend that expressed their impressions of the organisation and the staff so far. Excerpts:

WHAT is your impression about National Light?
Well, I believe that National Light as an organisation is a work in progress. Before now there is an impression that nothing is actually happening in National Light, but that is not the notion today.
How many organisations can mention that within one year, it has gathered 10 awards, spread all over the country. Great progress is being made there. These awards are testimonies and testaments to the fact that National Light is a growing concern.
What do you think about the event?
One thing about human beings is that in knowledge, when you stay at a particular spot, you can hardly know what is happening there. I see this event as an avenue to train and retrain staff of National Light for greater productivity, so it is a welcome development.
How do you think that this workshop will make positive influence on staff?
It’s essential that the staff should listen and at the end of the day, find a way of utilising what they learnt. It should not be taken for granted that people leave their offices and schedules and come here to deliver these papers. It is important that the staff take this seriously and put into practice what they have learnt from this exercise.
What change or transformation do you want to see in National Light?
I want to see better colour separation in National Light. The paper needs to improve in the section though it requires funding. Management needs to step up more training, send people for, external training.
I know that the standard is coming up but you can do better. People should be exposed more in learning, so that they will add greater value more than what they are doing now. You need to increase your circulation , I have not seen the paper in Enugu and Lagos.
It’s not about having an office in those places but about circulation. So, you need to increase your print run and improve your circulation.
What is your advise to the management of National Light?
The management should improve on print run, improve on circulation and then, more subventions should be given to National Light.

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