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National Light is doing well – Okafor



Rt Hon. Uche Okafor is the Speaker, Anambra House of House Assembly. He was among the dignitaries that graced the three-day retreat organised for workers of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation over the weekend that expressed their impressions of the organisation and the staff so far. Excerpts:
WHAT is your impression of National Light Newspapers?
You people are doing pretty good. I do read your newspapers every week. What makes a good newspaper is being able to report, give proper fact, and give recent information as it happens. I must say that National Light tentacles are spread all over the place. Any time any news or information comes, your papers report even as some tries to break it. You have done well. That is why I insisted on coming here today, so that I will share in this wonderful event.
What do you think about the event?
This event is good and the most important thing is that it will encourage teamwork amongst the staff; it will redefine the staff or make them to be more productive. This is a retreat, or training. It brings the staff together. You have facilitators from different media agencies and other works that know more about team working and staff productivity coming to make presentation. I believe after this retreat, National Light staff will come out more productive than they used to be.
Sir what changes or transformation do you want to take place in this establishment?
One of the things you guys have done so well in is in the Igbo newspaper that you produce every week. It is just greatly amazing. One of the things I emphasised here is graphics. People read newspapers these days, but not that volume of words printed on paper. Use more graphics, because graphics helps people to understand the true sense of what is happening.
What message do you have for the management?
The management should keep on doing things like this. It is going to help the staff. Bring the staff together all the time, having training for them, making sure that the staff bond very well. Like I said in there, each and every staff has a different skill and the only way to share this skill is by coming together to work as a team.
What will you tell ndi Anambra?
National Light is our newspaper. We must encourage it and we must promote it. Onye ọ bụna jee gote National Light Newspaper na  Ka  Ọ Dị Taa.

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