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Nadal hopes to play golf with Tiger Woods



RAFAEL Nadal spoke about how it felt to see Tiger Woods watching his fourth round match against Marin Cilic live in the US Open. The Spaniard has a close relationship with the American golfer. “Honestly, it’s much better if Tiger doesn’t see my swing”, joked Nadal.
“Maybe he would lose a little bit of rhythm after that. It’s a huge honour to play in front of all of [New York fans] but to play in front of Tiger is a very special thing. I’ve always said that I don’t have idols, but if I did I would have to say that one idol is him.
I always try to follow him, every single shot through the whole year. For me it’s a pleasure to have him here supporting me. It means a lot. He’s a big legend of sport, one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. I want to congratulate him for one of the most amazing comebacks of the sport ever when he won The Masters this year.
It means a lot to have him supporting me. He is a great inspiration. All the things he has accomplished in the sport, fighting that hard, he has always been an example. I am in touch with him very often and hopefully one day we can play golf together.”
Nadal has a special connection with the US Open crowd too: “[It’s] so special to see this amazing crowd supporting [me]. As I said before the tournament started, I’ve always had a great connection with the crowd here in New York.
They are very energetic, very passionate. Matches like this, you come back to the hotel with plenty of energy because I really enjoyed a lot playing in front of the full crowd. Arthur Ashe Stadium here in New York, night session, it’s difficult to be better.

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