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Agricultural narrative has changed —Afah



  • Mr. Mike Afah is the Public Relations Officer in the state’s Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation, Processing and Export

Justifying his position, he stated, “in those olden days when the state was newly created, agriculture was relegated to the background and given less attention. There were no investments in the sector, the sector was not lucrative and attractive. Primitive ways of farming were in use, most people were merely subsistent farmers. Farm lands were undeveloped.  There was no mechanisation, no destoning and threshing machines, and milling machines were in low capacity in the state”
He however noted that, today, all these have become a crossed bridge, as the opposite of the previous situations is now the narrative in the agricultural sector of the state.
“Today, agriculture is now a very lucrative venture in Anambra, both for the aged and the youths; there are now incentives and great investments in the sector; farming is now mechanised; Anambra Rice that was nowhere before now exists and is everywhere today, improving both in quality and quantity, from the previous 80,000  metric tons per annum to 530, 000 metric tons per annum” he explained.
He further disclosed that investors, such as Coscharis Farms Ltd, Linden Farms, Igbariam, Joseph Agro at Ukpo and Ufuma and many others have now entrenched in the state, in addition to other great feats achieved in the sector, to the extent that the state is  now exporting agricultural products overseas, which, according to him, was something that has never happened before since the history of the state.
He attributed these feats to the efforts, programs and policies of the various governments that the state has passed through since its creation till date, among which he said that those of the incumbent Governor, Willie Obiano stand out, given that he did not only come up with a wonderful blueprint, but additionally created more enabling environment to work it out, which he further argued was the major reason why the sector achieved most of these great feats in his tenure.
Disclosing his expectations for the sector, Mr. Afah said he dreams of tomorrow where every state in the country and foreign nations will be running to Anambra for food and agricultural products, and suggested that this can be achieved through consolidating on the already achieved feats by incoming administrations after Gov. Obiano.



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