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Legislators predict brighter future



MEMBER, representing Ihiala 1 Constituency at the 7th Assembly of Anambra State, Chidi Udemadu, has described Anambra State as one of the leading states in Nigeria, adding that its developmental strides is all encompassing. “Anambra State has come to stay.
It is one of the young states in Nigeria which was created from Enugu State. Comparing where we started and where we are now, I can say we have gone from good to better. Previous administrations have done their best towards ensuring that the wheel of progress is sustained.
“We have progressed a lot. It is one of the fastest growing states in Nigeria. We have people in all sectors. One of the factors used in measuring development is education and Ndi Anambra have put this state on the map through performing very well in educational competitions. Our teachers have won lorrets, likewise the students.
“On agriculture, Governor Willie Obiano has done well. On road construction, this state has been rated as one of the best in road network in Africa. If we are just 28 and have achieved all this, I wonder where we will be in the next 10 years.
I wish Anambra State and its government well; we want and expect the best in all sectors. It is my prayer that Anambra State will continue with this tempo.
Continuing, the House committee Chairman on Public Utilities said, “we need more educated people, not just in their brains but in their mind and individuals that have the state at heart in Anambra. We need good medical care. Good health is important.
A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. We need more good medical centers. I want successive administrations to sustain the giant strides of this present regime. We need to invest more on agriculture through applying the think home philosophy.
“We need to utilise every opportunity. I expect our youths to turn a new leaf. Through living positive and productive lives and channel their energy towards the betterment of the society. The traditional institutions, who are the custodians of our traditions and customs, should make sure that our values are sustained. Many of our children no longer speak our dialect. Parents don’t speak our language to their children. This is bad.
Also, Member representing Oyi Constituency, Charles Obimma , said, “Anambra is moving from strength to strength. We are hopeful that with the good and focused leadership we have, things will be better than it is. The governor of Anambra, Willie Obiano, has done well in so many areas but I feel areas like job and wealth creation should be giving more attention as a way of reducing unemployment and crime. We have a lot of jobless youths.
On how to achieve more in the state, Obimma, who is the Chairman, House committee on Trade and Industry, suggested that “more investment should be made on agriculture. This will not only feed and put food on the table of Ndi Anambra, but will have enough to export and make wealth. Agriculture is the highest employer of labour.
The agro based industry has the ability to dust unemployment in the state. Ndi Anambra should be hopeful and patient. This state is a blessed state and will continue to be blessed. It’s just a matter of time,  things will change for the better in duo cause. Hopefully.”
Deputy Majority Leader and member, representing Orumba North Constituency, Emeka Aforka said “Anambra has attained a matured age. And at this point, it calls for a sober reflection. A period we will look back and check our achievements and challenges. Anambra State is progressing. We are far better than before.
“Unlike when the state is always in the news for the bad reasons, politically, which made Ndi Anambra leaving in other parts of the country not to come back home because of insecurity, but  with the committed and visionary government of Governor Willie Obiano, Ndi Anambra now comes back for traditional marriages ,burials, events and ceremonies and go back safely. Kidnapping is now a thing of the past.
Aforka added: “Bank and highway rubbery is now a thing of the past. Before now, once its 6: pm, you hardly see people moving around doing businesses and there was no night life. But today, even by 12 midnight, you will still see people living their normal life because there are street lights and security everywhere. The governor of Anambra State is very committed; he has the political will. Community choose your project is still on-going.
The chairman, House Committee on Public Petitions, who spoke extensively, said: “This is a state where nobody is being owned salaries. Pensions and gratuities are being paid as at when due. Awka, the state capital is now having a look different from what it used to be before with flyover’s. We are matching forward. I am proud to be onye-Anambra.
“We are the light of the nation. The 7th Assembly is going to be the best lawmakers in this state. We have established a cordial and harmonious relationship. The Speaker, Uche Okafor is carrying everybody along. He is an open and transparent leader, which was why he secured the support and backing of the members.
“The government has keyed into agriculture. This is the major employment force. I encourage the state government to put in more effort. The youth should also have developed interest in agriculture because it has opportunities and prospects”.



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