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Anambra @ 28: Dreams, expectations, goals achieved



Anambra to consolidate on basic education – Chibuzo Umeghalu


ANAMBRA State Government has performed so well in almost every sector, especially in education. They have equipped it’s schools with facilities that aid in learning. Some include computer systems, school buses, generator sets, projectors and so on. This improves the quality of education in Anambra State.
In recent times, in the West African Senior School  Certificate Examination, the  first position has always revolved around Anambra State.
The Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board emerged winner of the 2019 School Debate Competition,  which was held in Anambra State as part of activities to reignite the leading and debating culture in Nigerians. Regina Pacis Secondary School, Onitsha Anambra State, won the world technovation challenge competition in USA.
In the next 25 years, I want to see Anambra leading in education, reduced in poverty and unemployment, provide minimum levels of education, health, housing and food for every citizen.

Greater youths participation, necessary – Francis Nwosu


ANAMBRA has fared so well in virtually all areas in the last 28 years, particularly in politics where after some initial shocks, the state has stabilised to the extent that the people’s votes have started counting to the extent that you can win elections without the  backing of godfathers. That is why Senator Ifeanyi Patrick Uba,  won the election for Anambra South Senatorial District.
This is what I think should be the  greatest achievement which the state has made because once you get the political economy right, other sectors will naturally follow suit in the value chain.
In the next 25 years I want the state to become a tourist hub, given the enormous potentials we have in that sector. This can only happen if more investments are made in that area. I want a state where the youths are giving greater say in affairs. I want a state where culture has a pride of place in priorities, with ancient customs and traditions, like the annual yam festival transformed to attract global audience.

Education, way forward – Ebuka Nwajinka

I THINK the one I know now is in the area of security, especially in this Gov. Obianio’s reign. He tried so much in the area of security. At least, we can now sleep with our two eyes closed. That is one of the greatest achievements and also in the area of infrastructure.
I think also in the area of road network,it is not as bad as in those years. Most of our roads are in good condition. I believe if other governors would do the same as this present one is doing or even better, I believe that it will be one of the best or the best. So, security, road network  has improved so much.
Let them focus more on the area of education.  If they can offer free education for our children, that would be good because education is the main thing now. Even if they cannot, let them subsidise the school fees so that everyone would attend and would achieve his or her dreams.
Let them go through the area of education because the future of our children are based on quality education. That is my main area of concentration. Let them focus so much on education for our children to go to school.  That will help us more and at least, when they finish school, there should be employment.

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Infrastructural upgrade crucial – Dr Emmanuel Okafor

ANAMBRA  State has been moving very progressively since 1960. We recall that a son of Anambra state, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, was the architect of independence in 1960 and was popularly made the president of Nigeria. So Anambra State has been developed very well.
Anambra State has been moving steadily and has been contributing very tremendously to the development of this country. We have a lot of professors, industrialists. Recall that Innoson has been manufacturing cars in Anambra State.
Anambra State is doing very well and we are supporting Nigeria too, to move forward.
Our greatest achievement for Anambra State is the fact that we have been able to build so many roads. The entire state is well connected and security in Anambra State is very tight.  Thanks to Akpokuedike, Gov. Willie Obiano. The security agencies  cooperate so much and that has made life very easy for ndi  Anambra.
Well, I expect that in the next 25 years,  Anambra would have been developed into a mega city, where almost all will come  together into a mass movement and there will be connectivity and Anambra State would be a small place, with airports like more than one or two, with oil refineries and things will go better for  Ndi Anambra with great schools and hospitals.

Anambra should have moral redirection – Pastor Chinaka Anyanwu

WELL, since I came here, what is think Anambra has achieved is that before, I used to know that  Anambra State is full of armed robbers and there was  much non-challant attitude towards one another and more of ungodly attitude.
But for sometime now, I found out that armed robbery is not rampant again,  especially since Obiano took over. You can see also that there are dustbins everywhere.  This time around, this state is becoming cleaner. Before,  it was full of dirt.  Also, there are a llot of developments in Anambra State.
In the next 25 years,  I would like Anambra  to be  a godly state, where you meet with people who fear god; people who are interested in serving god in spirit and in truth and not just being pretenders.
I wish that in the next 25 years, anybody coming to Anambra would know that he or she is coming to a  state where people fear God; anywhere you drop your things, you come back to see it. I wish that in 25 years to come, anybody coming to Anambra will know that he or she is coming to a state without fear.

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New impetus for technical vocations – Aigbovo Osoro

THE entrepreneurship skill and hard work of Anambra people is commendable.  They are very innovative. When you go to Nnewi , you see a lot of  artisans doing  metal work, as well as when you go to  most of the markets.
A lot of Anambra people are businessmen and women and they are really doing very well.  Again, they are very studious.  They go to school a lo.t Amongst the people of eastern region, they are one of the most educated people in the Nigeria.
In the next 25 years,  I want  Anambra to be the same way i would love Nigeria to be; free of bad roads, constant power supply, everybody living above poverty line and doing well economically.

More room for private sector – Echezona Prime

ANAMBRA State has so far been blessed with some good leaders and that is why the state has progressed so much than other states in Nigeria since the state’s creation on August 27, 1991.
Even a blind man feels the progress of Anambra state since it’s creation . In terms of security, no doubt Anambra remains one of the most peaceful state.
As a trader that resides in Lagos, I always look up to going to my village in Anambra with so much enthusiasm, because i am traveling to a state where peace and security is assured. All thanks to the past governments who have worked hard to uplift the state and particularly, many thanks to the present government led by Gov. Willie Obiano.
As I am talking to you now, we traders are suffering in Lagos. We suffer a lot of things, ranging from traffic jam,  insecurity, disturbance from some state officials asking for one levy or the other.
I know of some of my friends who have relocated from Lagos as a result of these disturbances and have established their businesses in Anambra.
They testified that Anambra has a friendly environment for businesses to thrive. In fact, Anambra State has experienced improved social and economic performance since state creation.

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New priority for basic amenities – Ebelechukwu Okpala

ANAMBRA is celebrating 28years on August 27, 2019. I don’t see must about theese wasted years. You can’t  imagine that Anambra State as big as she is can’t boast of standard airport .
Anambra is big enough to have an airport in this state. Anambra   is no longer a small state. It is a state that most states like to imimate. Most states that we are better than have gotten what they are expected to achieve. Look, even boreholes in Anambra is still worrisome. How can a big state like Anambra not boast of  even good drinking water.
Another is stadium. Anambra youth are now ready and out for sports, especially in terms of football to play our state. Upon all these youth’s  gifts, Anambra can’t boast of a standard stadium inside, they go to another state to pay  for what  they are supposed to play in their state.
Although in education, Anambra State is doing well both in primary, secondary and tertiary institution. So in terms of education, Anambra State is trying.
Meanwhile Anambra State has good road networks. My business associate  told me that delivery of his goods from his state to Anambra State gave him a good report on good road network in Anambra. I was proud of my state for somebody from another state to commend  it.
In term of security, Anambra State is trying but should try more because those bad people are gradually coming back. Above all, Anambra has money. Let’s use our money to build our state especially in terms of sports. Government of  Anambra should use money to build a standard stadium that will attract people from far and near to our state, as well as encouraging the youth and other people of the state.



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