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Something in Obiano spurs agricultural revolution



DR Willie Obiano is not a common name in Anambra political arena. He has worked in the banking industry, retired meritoriously and was in the diaspora. His performance as an astute manager when he was engaged in the bank made his name common to big players in the industry.
He left the service of Fidelity Bank as executive director. It may be when he was at Fidelity Bank, that the former Governor of Anambra State, who schooled with him at the famous Christ the King College, Onitsha, in the 70s, discovered Dr Obiano among their pals then as a man with destiny, who has something to offer to humanity.
The process that brought him as the candidate of All Progressive Alliance in the 2014 Anambra State governorship election was described as providence. He was not an active member of the party and was also living in diaspora. He was not among the list of ndi Anambra struggling to be chosen by Mr Peter Obi to be the aspirant for office of the governor in the state, but latter along the line, he was called to return to line for the office by the of the leadership of APGA party in the state.
He finally accepted the offer, came back home and contested for the office of the Governor of Anambra State and won.
His emergence as the Executive Governor of Anambra State in 2014 changed the face of Agriculture in the state. As an astute manger of man and money, his first step was to write to every community in the state imploring them the check their lands, to make land available for the state for Agricultural evaluation projects in the state.
He also called on ndi  Anambra in diaspora to come home and take advantage of this initiative to establish farms in the state. This clarion call was heeded by some major players in Agriculture like Coscharis, who is now farming rice on 5,000 hectares of  land at Anaku in Anyamelum Local Government Area; producing for home consumption and exports and achieving the government’s goal of food for all at affordable price. He went on to acquire the giant rice mill of Anambra-Imo River Basin Development Authority, Omor, reconditioned it and it has since been put to milling operation; boosting rice production in the river basin at Omor in Anyamelum L.G.A; putting the state as number two in rice production in the country .
He  also established integrated poultry farm at 1gbariam Farm Settlement, which has the capacity of turning up 100,000 eggs daily, as well as production of feeds for the farm and for sales and even for fish farming in the state. He opened up another area for people who wish to engage in fishery. It is a common knowledge in the state that fresh fish is very available and affordable providing for protein needs of the state.

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